This three-story, 1,250-square-foot home built on the edge of a pond is currently going through some testing and tweaking in order to ensure the home will be able to produce more energy than it expends. Holly & Smith Architects, based in Louisiana, recently finished Pond House, a luxury home on 15.5 acres that features outdoor living complete with an outdoor fireplace and kitchen.

According to Christine Walsh's coverage for Jetson Green:

The home features a 14-degree sloping roof, which is fitted with a solar power array. The roof was designed to also channel rainwater runoff into the pond below. In addition to this the home is also equipped with a geothermal heat pump, LED lighting, and spray foam insulation. For better ventilation, the home was also fitted with fully operable windows placed strategically throughout the home.

In order to gain net-zero status, the architects are focusing on the home's lighting and temperature settings to balance out the production and consumption of energy.

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