MATERIALS AND SOURCES: / ROOF DECKING / AgriBoard Industries, Wichita, Kan., / LOW-FLOW WATER CLOSET / Kohler Pressure Lite, Kohler, Kohler, Wis., / BATTERY-POWERED FAUCET / Sloan Optima, Sloan Valve Co., Franklin Park, Ill., / LIGHTING / Architectural Area Lighting, La Mirada, Calif.,, and Ecolume, Melbourne, Australia, / CARPET / Mohawk Commercial Carpet, Calhoun, Ga., / PELLET STOVE / Lancaster, Even Temp Inc., Waco, Neb., GREEN POINTS: The 11,500-square-foot (1068-m2) building employs a geothermal-heat-pump system, which saves 40 to 50 percent on energy. Sewage is treated with a wetlands septic system and rainwater is collected in rain barrels for on-site use; no sprinkler system is installed. The building is designed on an east-west axis to promote natural ventilation and maximize the structure's connection to the sun. A glulaminated timber roof, which is made from smaller pieces of wood combined into a larger beam, is employed. The building envelope is designed with high-insulation values and energy-efficient windows; local and regional materials were used throughout construction. Lighting is controlled by occupancy and photocell sensors. The native Iowa tallgrass prairie also was restored.

Project provided by RDG Design, Des Moines, Iowa,