PNC Financial Services Group has unveiled the largest green wall in North America at its Pittsburgh headquarters. The 2,380-sq.-ft. wall features a variety of regional vegetation mounted on a stainless steel bracketing and panel system. It was designed by kari Katzander of New York-based Mingo Design and is a product of Rochester, N.Y.-based Green Living Technologies. The installer was Philly Green Wall of Philadelphia, while Cenkner Engineering Associates of Coraopolis, Pa., and BD&E Strategic Branding and Design of Pittsburgh provided engineering and additional design. All hardware, plants, materials, and installers for the project were from within a 500-mile radius of downtown Pittsburgh.

Comprising 602 panels with 24 plants in each 2-foot by 2-foot space, the green wall will weigh 24 tons when fully saturated via an internally controlled irrigation system. Preliminary studies show the south-facing wall to be 25 percent coolr behi ndthe wall than ambient temperatures. The plant species vary so that the eight varieties planted on the wall—carex variegated; heuchera purple varieties; ferns; euonymus; lysimachia; sedum; ajuga black scallo; and brass button—bloom throughout the year. They are divided into nine irrigation zones with more than 2,000 micro drip emitters. It is estimated that it will require 15 minutes of watering once a week in warmer months and 15 minutes per month in colder seasons. It also is estimated that each panel will offset the carbon footprint of one person.