Acre Designs, a start up now being backed by the Silicon Valley start up incubator Y Combinator, wants to bring affordable, sustainable homes to the masses by offering simple models that can be built in days.

Jennifer and Andrew Dickson founded Acre Designs in Missouri, where they built an 800-square-foot prototype home, but decided to join Y Combinator and help the California market meet the Title 24 demand for all homes to be zero energy by 2020. Now, Acre Designs is ready to take on the country with prefabricated kit homes that can be assembled in days with SIPs that just snap together like LEGO pieces.

Acre Designs is currently offering two different design options to their clients; Series A (the pitched-roof ‘Modern Farmhouse’ style home, with two stories, similar to the Griffin home), and Series B (a single-story, butterfly roof style ranch house that has a more mid-century modern flavor to it). Both designs come in three different size footprints/plans; a 1200 sqft 2 bedroom home ($400K), 1500 sqft 3 bedroom home ($450K), and a 1800 sqft 4 bedroom home ($500K). We know many readers will look at these prices and ask, incredulously, “what is affordable about this”? The answer to this question is to consider the long-term value for the cost.

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