KSS Architects, Princeton, N.J., has completed the fifth phase of the Research and Collections Preservation Consortium (ReCAP) expansion in Princeton. The facility now covers 85,000 square feet and holds 10 million items, including rare books from Princeton University, Columbia University, and the New York Public Library.

Before the expansion, the facility, located on Princeton’s Forrestal campus, comprised a series of four 15,000-square-foot refrigerated modules. To protect its collection, ReCAP’s facilities must maintain a steady indoor environment with a temperature of 55 F and 35 percent relative humidity. Each module is designed with temperature and humidity monitoring systems and load-bearing, maximum foreseeable loss walls to withstand extreme conditions like fire.

During the expansion, 5,000 solar panels were installed on the new and existing modules, capable of generating 370 kWh. First Solar and PPL Corporation financed, installed, and now manage the panels. The energy from the panels then is sold to ReCAP at a reduced price. This project takes advantage of the New Jersey Clean Energy Program’s Solar Renewable Energy Credit Pilot Program. The project is projected to have a total of 11 modules. KSS currently is designing the next phase, known as Module 8.