Ron Rusnak of Ashland, Oregon used a decommissioned trailer to create arguably one of the cutest tiny homes of recent debut. The house, which was sold on Craigslist for $36,500 after construction, is just 200-square-feet in size. 

The key to making such a tiny house feel larger is generous access to outdoor space and natural light. The home has several windows, which add light, cross-ventilation, and a feeling of more space to this tiny house. The most decadent feature of the home is a full size kitchen. Where many tiny houses cut down on space used with small kitchen storage or smaller appliances, this unit maintains typical standards with a full fridge, four-burner stove, and 24-inch cabinets. The bathroom includes its own sink and separate shower with most of the home's storage located in the living space centered on a love seat. 

The loft area is home to the bedroom, with some additional storage. To extend lounging space, the house comes with a 5-foot by 16-foot cedar deck which can be stowed during a move. Finally, a lime front door adds a dash of character to the bright tiny house. 

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