Boston- and Bangkok–based architectural designer Todd Fix wanted a structure that could change with the seasons. The result is the Motus (motus: move), a concept house featuring a dynamic envelope whose composition can be automatically or manually adjusted based on outdoor conditions and occupant preference; for example, glazing could be covered screens or an additional insulated shell could slide in, all on linear tracks.

It provides this flexible control over heat gain from sunlight," says architect Todd Fix, who compares the screen and shell to extra layers of clothes you can put on or take off. "So if it's a cold day, the sensor will sense that, and it will close both to keep the heat inside. If you want more light in the space, you can open up the screen or open up the shell.

Solar panels power the house, while a micro-climate pool underneath provides cooling. With an estimated construction cost of up to $5 million, however, its more likely that the project will be used to inform other envelope designs than come to fruition itself.

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