New residential buildings in Illinois will use less energy and cost less to operate thanks to the residential energy-efficient building code passed by the Illinois General Assembly. House Bill 3987, sponsored by Rep. Julie Hamos and Sen. Don Harmon, will require all new buildings, including houses, to conform to the International Energy Conservation Code. “HB 3987 brings home both savings and environmental benefits for Illinois residents,” says Howard Learner, executive director of the Chicago-based Environmental Law and Policy Center, a group that helped design and pass the bill. “The new energy-efficiency standards will ensure that builders use best available technology, and this means new homes will use less energy and reduce homeowners’ monthly utility bills.” A recent study by the Department of Energy estimated that Illinois’ Energy Efficient Building Code will result in at least 15 percent savings annually on utility bills and an average homeowner in Illinois will save more than $240 per year. Homebuilders can comply with the code through the use of more efficient windows, furnaces, boilers and insulation. For more information, visit