Energy start-up Gogoro has a plan for connected cities. The company unveiled their electric vehicle smart scooters this week at CES in Las Vegas. Powered by electric batteries and built for easy battery change-out using a charging station network, Gogoro plans to introduce the scooters select pilot cities starting this year.

The smart scooters top off speed at about 60 miles per hour and can travel up to 37 miles before requiring a recharge. Each scooter comes with an app that monitors features such as battery life and proximity to a charging station. Instead of owners having to wait for batteries to charge, and thus only use them if there is a station at home and work, the scooters are designed for simple battery switch-out. Drivers could stop along the way to work, near their destination, or on their way home similarly to stopping at a gas station.

The scooter's substantial battery life and high speeds makes the device ideal for connecting city neighborhoods like bike-share programs and for combating the negative effects of suburban sprawl. Commuters with limited mass transit options and lengthy commutes could use the scooters in lieu of gas-guzzling vehicles as a form of personal transportation without worrying about finding a convenient charging station or running out of battery power before getting home.

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