Last September, we showcased Deltec Home's Renew Collection, a line of prefabricated net-zero homes with six models. This year, the Asheville, N.C.-based award-winning prefabricated home manufacturer has released a new line, featuring the same materials and prefabrication methods as their other high-performance homes, minus design fees and construction costs. 

The DIY Collection is "perfect for those who have always dreamed of building their own home," and simplify the new home building process for both Deltec and the buyer.

Aside from significant savings in construction costs, building your own home enables you to be in complete control and go at your own pace. Not to mention the feeling of accomplishment once it’s complete.

Purchasing a home is a fairly simple five-step process from start to finish:

  1. Buyers planning to build a home within the next three months simply pay a planning deposit to reserve an opening in Deltec's building schedule
  2. Within two weeks of paying the deposit, Deltec will provide floor plans for the home based on your selections
  3. Between six and eight weeks before delivery, buyers pay 25% of the package price and Deltec begins production on the home
  4. Final payment for the home is made 10 days before delivery
  5. Home is delivered and the DIY building process begins

The collection features four models and nine floor plans starting at $32,783, and each home includes the following package:

  • Pre-installed Typar weather barrier
  • Roof system with buyer's choice of overhang 
  • PlyGem Vinyl or Marvin Integrity window package (also buyer's choice)
  • Optional floor system (for crawlspace or basement)
  • Optional siding
  • 2x6x8" walls

View our slideshow to view the different models and floor plans available, and learn more about the DIY Collection on Deltec's website >>