Energy Management Embraced in Smart Grid Report
Data released by the Obama administration and the DOE cite energy efficiency and home energy management technologies as being vital to the development of a smart grid in the United States and realizing the nation’s energy goals. (Home Entertainment Magazine)

LED Lighting Prices to Plummet by 2015
A Silicon Valley investment company said it expects prices for LEDs to fall within three years as competition intensifies to satisfy surging demand for energy-efficient lights. (Bloomberg)

Energy Efficiency Standards for Air Conditioners and Furnaces Upgraded
The nation's first-ever regional Energy Star standards will focus on air conditioners in the South and furnaces in the North. (The Daily Green)

Study Sees Solar Prices Dip
The average selling price per watt for solar panels fell in the first quarter from the year-ago period as the photovoltaic industry scaled up, according to an industry trade group. (MarketWatch)

Home Solar Gets $280 Million Boost from Google
The company is making its largest investment yet in clean energy in an effort to help private homeowners put solar panels on their rooftops. (The Christian Science Monitor)

Latest in Energy Efficiency: Homes Without Furnaces
A house built for a new museum exhibit in Cleveland shows how walls more than 1 foot thick, triple-pane windows, doors like bank vaults and clever engineering can cut heating and cooling costs by 90%. (Seattle Times)

Virginia Governor Promotes Clean, Renewable Energy
Gov. Bob McDonnell has been an advocate for an "all of the above" strategy to expanding energy production in Virginia, and that includes the development of clean and renewable energy sources. (The Roanoke Times)

New Report Offers Tips for Switching to CFLs
The energy-efficient bulbs come with some precautions. (Custom Home)

New Partnership Provides Appraisers With Green Valuation Tools
Initiative will provide appraisers with information, guidelines, and professional resources to evaluate energy performance of commercial buildings. (EcoHome)