Sustainable Communities Require Multifaceted Support, Speaker Says
In Bethesda, Md., and other regions nationwide, neighborhood coalitions are the key to creating a community environmental ethic. (ECOHOME)

HUD Announces $131 Million for Lead Poisoning Prevention
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded more than $131 million in grants for 61 local lead-based-paint projects--from eliminating lead hazards in homes to increasing public awareness about childhood lead poisoning. The largest grant, more than $70 million, is for lead-based-paint abatement in privately owned houses. (ECOHOME)

Hardy Growth in Green Jobs Projected
Efforts to make buildings more energy-efficient will create millions of new jobs and will also have a greening effect on the job responsibilities of an estimated 111 million people worldwide who already work in construction, researchers said in a recent report, "Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable Low-Carbon World.” (BUILDER)

Homeowner Sues Association Over Solar Panels
When the Spanish Hills Homeowners Association denied Marc Weinberg’s proposal to put 600 square feet of solar panels on top of his Camarillo, Calif., home, Weinberg filed suit. He claims the association violated California's Solar Rights Act, which limits restrictions on solar energy systems. (Ventura County Star)

Government Makes Land Available for Geothermal Energy Development
As many as 270 communities could benefit from direct use of geothermal energy under the federal leasing program, which would make available 190 million acres of federal land in a dozen western states. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Architect Michelle Kaufmann Launches Sustainable, Modular Farmhouse Home Design
Inspired by rural structures across the American landscape, the preconfigured mkHearth design is suitable for urban or rural settings in all climates and is ideal for community developments, she says. (Michelle Kaufmann’s Blog)

EPA Sued for Not Enforcing PVC Factory Emissions Standards
Three environmental groups filed a lawsuit against the federal government Wednesday to force stringent new emissions standards for plants that manufacture PVC. The lawsuit comes four years after the court ruled that the EPA had failed to set limits for several hazardous air pollutants at the U.S.’s 21 vinyl-producing plants. (Houston Chronicle)

Report: California Energy Policies Create Jobs, Save Money
California's innovative energy policies created 1.5 million jobs over the past 35 years and saved consumers more than $56 billion on energy costs, according to the Energy Efficiency, Innovation and Job Creation Report. (San Gabriel Valley Tribune)

With Green Tax Breaks Set for 2009, Homeowners Can Plan Ahead
If homeowners return to investing in their home in 2009, expanded or restored federal tax credits will help them do it in the most energy-efficient way possible. (Washington Post)

Green Products Boost GE in Tough Economy
Sales of General Electric's Ecomagination products and services should top $17 billion this year, the company said Tuesday, a 21% gain over 2007. GE wants to push that even further to $25 billion by 2010 for products--such as wind turbines and home energy monitors--that save businesses and individuals energy and resources. (

San Francisco Ballot Measure Would Require Share of City’s Electricity to Come From Renewables
San Francisco voters will decide on a measure to take public control of the city’s privately run electrical system. While such measures have been rejected in the past, public power advocates have added renewable energy requirements and clean energy goals to this year’s proposition. (AP)