Homeowners Using Water- and Energy-Saving Landscape Techniques, Study Shows
Nearly 60% of homeowners are employing eco-conscious landscaping practices. Here are some methods pros can implement immediately. (ECOHOME)

Consumers Begin to Buy Sustainability Argument
More than 80% of respondents to a new Energy Pulse survey say they would choose one home over another based on energy efficiency. (BUILDER)

Oregon Governor Outlines Climate Change Agenda
Gov. Ted Kulongoski’s ambitious 2009 legislative climate change package includes proposals for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for homes and buildings by 2030, with benchmarks to ensure the goal is reached. (AP)

GE Seeks Federal Approval for Greener Refrigerant
Appliance manufacturer GE is asking for federal approval to use, in the U.S., a type of refrigerant that has low global warming potential and is widely used in Europe and Asia. (GreenBiz.com)

California Cuts Water Deliveries; Rationing Possible
California’s Department of Water Resources announced it would cut water deliveries to their second lowest level ever, prompting warnings of water rationing for cities and less planting by farmers. (NBC Bay Area)

White House Makes Final Push to Weaken Environmental Regulations
The White House is working to enact a variety of regulations that would help ease controls on emissions of pollutants that contribute to global warming and relax drinking-water standards, among other effects. (Washington Post)