National Healthy Homes Conference Kicks Off
Federal government leaders came together in Baltimore to promote eco-friendly construction and renovation to about 1,000 public and housing industry officials. (ECOHOME)

Energy-Efficient Products Reduce Health Problems, Says Environmental Consultant
Ellen Tohn tells public health and housing industry officials that energy efficiency improves air quality and comfort and reduces moisture and pests. (ECOHOME)

Senate to Vote Next Week on Bill That Includes Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy
The bill would provide some $17 billion in tax incentives for renewable and clean energy, giving a critical boost to solar and wind energy entrepreneurs. (AP)

House Passes Energy Bill
Provisions include tax breaks for new energy efficiency and conservation programs, including the use of improved building codes and low-interest loans for energy-efficient homes. (AP)

Competing Energy Bills May Forestall Last-Minute Breakthrough in Senate
Both Democrats and Republicans say the energy debate will be simplified by passing alternative energy tax incentives in a separate tax package, leaving only the sticky problem of expanding offshore oil drilling. (The Hill)

Software Provides Green Template
AEC Software offers a new series of templates--essentially checklists that outline the main categories builders can earn points on to achieve certification--based on the green guidelines issued by the NAHB's National Green Building Program and the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED program. (BUILDER)

Canadian Party Proposes Green Building Incentives
Liberal Party proposes $10,000 in financial support for investing in energy-saving measures such as insulation, weatherproofing, and more efficient heating systems. Up to $10,000 would also be available to homeowners as an interest-free "green mortgage loan" to help with up-front costs and major retrofits. (CBC)

Home Buyers at All Income Levels Interested in Green Homes
According to preliminary findings in a new study to be published this fall by the U.S. Green Building Council and McGraw-Hill Construction, 70% of the buyers surveyed said they were more or much more inclined to buy a green house over a conventional home in a down market. (BUILDER)

Many Consumers Unwilling to Pay Extra for Green Lifestyle
Despite growing consumer interest in the environment, fewer consumers are willing to pay more for green products compared to last year, according to research firm Yankelovich. Meanwhile, however, environmentalism is swelling among U.S. consumers, especially among Echo Boomers (ages 16-29) and GenXers (ages 30-43). (PR Newswire)

Pennsylvania Manufacturers Get Grants to Use Recyclables
Pennsylvania is making $1 million in grant funding available for manufacturers to buy equipment that increases use of recycled content in finished products. (Environment News Service)