Recent advances in solar technology have been finding solar panels need to move with the sun to capture all of its energy. Products like the sunflower-inspired solar PV system have taken advantage of this, but now a new line of homes is moving with the sun.

Casas em Movimento, or Moving Houses, was developed by a team of architecture faculty members at University of Porto in Portugal. The home rotates and tilts a layer of panels and allows the home to produce 25,000 kWh of electricity a year. The firm built two prototypes and working to commercialize the technology. They hope to have a demonstration showroom by late spring.

The technology that powers the home allows for the rotation of the main volume of the home and the tilting of the roofs, which maximizes the amount of harvested solar energy. This tech was developed specially for this project. The homes themselves are basically a metal structure that is fitted with mechanical articulations, which allows it to rotate 180 degrees.

The movement of the house is set to automatically follow the movement of the sun, so it takes from 9-12 hours for the house to turn. The residents can also control this manually, and a full turn of the home can be achieved in just 12 minutes. The roofs of the homes can pivot by up to 60 degrees. This can be used to angled the rooftop mounted solar panels to maximize solar exposure, as well as to provide shading for the windows in the summer.

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