Studio Roosegaarde

Wondering how trash could ever turn into treasure? Think again! Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde just released his latest Smog Free Project that clears carbon particles polluting the air and transforms them into fine jewelry.

Studio Roosegaarde
The Smog Free Tower produces smog-free bubbles of public space, allowing people to breathe and experience clean air for free.

Roosegaarde and his team at Studio Roosegaarde first launched this project in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on Sept. 4.  It is made up of two parts: a gigantic—or the world’s largest— smog vacuum tower, and a manufacturing process that makes fine jewelry out of the smog residue.


Studio Roosegaarde

“It is really weird that we accept (the air pollution) as something normal,” said Roosegaarde in a video, promoting his project. “I believe we should do more, not less, and make modern cities livable again.” 

The Smog Free Tower, located in a public park called Vierhavensstraat 52, is a seven-meter high modular system, installed with patented ionization technology, lightweight construction and LEDs. The tower can process 30,000 cubic meters of air every hour, remove ultra-fine smog and let out clean air.

Studio Roosegaarde

Sucked in through the top of the tower, polluted air is purified and released through vents on the six-sided structure. The tower uses a safe and tested patented technology, similar to air purification systems used in many hospitals, according to the team.

Studio Roosegaarde

Following that, Stuido Roosegaarde creates jewelry of the smog particles collected by the tower. The team compresses carbon-filled smog dust into jewelry products such as rings and cufflinks, each containing smog dust filtered from 1000 cubic meters of air.

Studio Roosegaarde

Roosegaarde plans to take the clean-air project to places where air is more severely polluted. Possible future locations include Beijing, Mexico City, Paris and Los Angeles.

Here's a video about the Smog Free Project by Studio Roosegaarde: