Mark Gerardot

Untouched nature, white-sand beaches and friendly people are the norm at Tiamo Resorts on South Andros Island in the Bahamas. Meaning “I love you” in Italian, Tiamo was born out of a dream to build a resort in a beautiful place while preserving its natural and cultural elements. Founders Mike and Petagay Hartman found a way to be environmentally friendly while providing luxurious hospitality. The heart of Tiamo Resorts is the lodge where guests and staff gather to eat, drink and socialize. Caribbean meals are prepared each day by gourmet chefs. The lodge also features a well-stocked library. Each of the resort's 11 bungalows houses two guests; there are never more than 22 guests staying at the resort. The bungalows have spacious bathrooms with open-air views and wrap-around porches furnished with lounge chairs. Step outside the front door to find a beachside personal hammock, chair and lounger. Tiamo isn’t only luxurious, it’s eco-friendly. The Hartmans value community involvement. They have trained their staff members in environmental conservation and encourage them to live by that philosophy in their homes. The resort donates staff time, vehicles and fuel to local community clean-up projects. Construction of the resort was done by hand to minimize the impact on the environment, and all scraps were used for furniture and other items. All buildings are raised on columns to leave a small footprint and are designed with maximum airflow for cooling. Electricity is generated by solar panels. Although most of Tiamo Resorts’ waste is composted or reused, there is no plastic recycling on the island, which forced the Hartmans to get creative. Every guest receives a neatly bundled plastic cube about the size of a book to be recycled at home. Activities are abundant and encouraged at Tiamo Resorts. Water activities include snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and sailing while land lovers can enjoy tours in South Andros’ preserved wilderness. Members of The Nature Concierge Team, the resort's nature tour guides, lead 45-minute hikes to an inland lake called Buttonwood Pond. There also are marked trails for self-exploration. Whether sailing on crystal blue waters or snoozing in a hammock, Tiamo Resorts is a tantalizing blend of eco-friendly and luxurious comfort.

Dick Spahr

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