As part of LEED 2009, the U.S. Green Building Council requires building owners to provide energy- and water-consumption data for five years starting when the building is occupied. USGBC reserves the right to revoke building certification if data is not submitted. There are three options for submission: recertify under LEED for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance on a two-year cycle; annually collect and submit consumption data; or sign a release so USGBC may collect the data directly from utilities. Individual buildings that are not metered because they use a central plant are required to report data. This exception may apply to buildings on military bases or university campuses. “There is all too often a disconnect, or performance gap, between the energy modeling done during the design phase and what actually happens during daily operation after the building is constructed,” says Scot Horst, USGBC’s senior vice president of LEED. “We’re convinced that ongoing monitoring and reporting of data is the single best way to drive higher building performance.” For more information, visit