Did you know that energy-efficient homes such as this one from Utah-based Garbett sell at an average price premium of 9 percent? Photo by John Bare. Want to sell a high-performance home? First things first, calling it a "high-performance home" won't work as 84 percent of Americans can't explain what the term means. And, if we're being honest, Americans care more about comfort, health, safety, resale value, and utility bills than they do "green" points or features.

Want to know more? After 10 years studying Americans’ thoughts on environmental and energy issues, researcher Suzanne Shelton has found that many home builders often make big mistakes when marketing their high-performance homes. BUILDER's senior editor, Jennifer Goodman, recently spoke with Shelton, the president of Knoxville, Tenn.–based Shelton Group, about the green features Americans want—and don’t want—in a home. Click here to read more.