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  • Autodesk Labs Launches Tally, a Life Cycle Assessment Plug-In for Revit

    Autodesk Labs Launches Tally, a Life Cycle Assessment Plug-In for Revit

    Designed by KieranTimberlake, the app allows architects to calculate the environmental impact of building components throughout the design process.

  • Opinion | 11-18-2011

    Transparency and the Role of Environmental Product Declarations

    A white paper from UL Environment examines the development and use of EPDs in the validation of life cycle-based product environmental impacts.

  • Transparent Future
    Feature | 11-12-2012

    Transparent Future

    Materials & Resources chair Malin discusses how transparency will permeate the world of building products, giving us nutrition-label-like sustainability data on everything we use.

  • Assessing Life-Cycle Assessment
    Article | 03-25-2009

    Assessing Life-Cycle Assessment

    Apply balanced judgment when using LCA.

  • Best Cities for Work-Life Balance

    Workers who seek a healthy work-life balance can reduce stress and improve the quality of their lives. With this in mind, NerdWallet identified the best cities for work-life balance by analyzing three factors in 536 cities across the U.S.

  • People | 11-26-2012

    What’s the Value of an LCA?

    The tools for more sustainable products are in place, but they are only useful when builders communicate their value to homeowners and other decision-makers.

  • Green for Life

    A LEED Dynamic Plaque for Every Building, New and Old

    The U.S. Green Building Council aims to bolster its recertification program with a digital display and dashboard that tracks building performance.

  • Eight Tech Updates for Your Toolbox
    Product Brief | 01-29-2014

    Eight Tech Updates for Your Toolbox

    From a thermal-imaging cell phone case to an app that brings LCAs into Revit models, these technologies aim to hone your projects’ green edge and improve your team’s efficiency.

  • PCR for Countertops Coming Soon

    PCR for Countertops Coming Soon

    The “much-needed” rule will help building pros select countertops based on environmental attributes.

  • What’s in Your Product?
    Article | 11-18-2011

    What's In Your Product?

    A designer at BNIM examines the use of environmental product declarations.