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  • Challenging What's Cool
    Article| 05-12-2009

    Potential Pitfalls of Cool Roofing

    Is the exponential growth of cool roofing an impending catastrophe?

  • Cool Roofing from Owens Corning
    Product Brief| 03-14-2012

    Cool Roofing from Owens Corning

    Chem Link. Chem Link’s WallSecure is a polyether-based, solvent-free, nonhazardous construction adhesive.

  • Cool Roof Tile Line
    Product Brief| 05-20-2009

    Cool Roof Tile Line From Eagle Roofing Products

    Eagle Roofing Products’ Cool Roof Tile line for commercial and residential applications reflects sunlight and helps prevent heat transfer into a building, resulting in energy savings and less work for air-conditioning units.

  • 6 Tips for Selecting an Energy-Saving Cool Roof

    Cool roofs can save homeowners 7% to 15% in cooling costs. Here's what you need to know.

  • Cool Angle, Cool Angle Technology
    Product Brief| 10-04-2013

    Cool Angle, Cool Angle Technology

    These roof shingles’ solar-reflective coloring is only visible from above.

  • Solar Panels Provide Cool Added Benefits

    Rooftop solar panels can do more than produce electricity, researchers say--they can reduce cooling and heating costs.

  • Backing Ballast
    Case Study| 05-13-2009

    Ballasted Roofs Meet Cool-Roof Criteria

    A recently completed study proves ballasted roof systems can shield a building from solar heat gain.

  • Reflective Roof Shingles from Malarkey
    Product Brief| 02-15-2012

    Reflective Roof Shingles from Malarkey

    Malarkey. Listed by CRRC as a cool-roof product, the company’s Ecoasis Premium shingles have an aged SR of 0.28 and a TE of 0.93.

  • Continuing the Cool-roofing Discussion
    Opinion| 05-27-2009

    Correspondence: May/June 2009

    Readers respond to articles in previous issues of eco-structure.

  • Neptune Coatings Corp. WetSuit
    Product Brief| 02-03-2012

    Neptune Coatings Corp. WetSuit

    This two-part, self-adhering liquid membrane can be cold-spray applied onto above- and below-grade surfaces.