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  • Low-VOC Finishes
    Product Brief | 11-02-2011

    Low-VOC Finishes

    Vermont Natural Coatings. The company’s low-VOC wood finishes were developed in collaboration with the University of Vermont using whey protein, a byproduct of the dairy industry.

  • Urbanslabs
    Product Brief | 05-14-2009

    Urbanslabs from Eco Surfaces

    Urbanslabs from Eco Surfaces are sustainable, cement-based slabs available for countertops, vanities, shower panels, floor tiles, bookshelves and more.

  • CoolStar-Coated Surfaces
    Product Brief | 05-15-2009

    CoolStar-Coated Surfaces From CertainTeed Corp.

    CertainTeed Corp. has released 14 low-slope granulated cap-sheet membranes that feature CoolStar-coated surfaces, a reflectant surface for low-slope roofing.

  • Naturals Plant-Based Finishes
    Product Brief | 02-11-2009

    Naturals Plant-Based Finishes by AFM

    Naturals plant-based finishes contain no solvents or toxic ingredients such as preservatives or dryers. The products, which are SCS certified, help rejuvenate, weatherproof, and enhance the beauty of wood floors, fencing, timberwork, and decks, according to the firm. 619.239.0321.

  • Solid Surfacing
    Product Brief | 11-30-2011

    Solid Surfacing

    DuPont. The Corian Terra collection of solid surfaces, made with recycled materials, now includes 33 colors; five colors have at least 20% pre-consumer recycled resin content as certified by SCS.

  • Enjarre Spray-On Earth Plaster
    Product Brief | 01-08-2009

    Enjarre Spray-On Earth Plaster by American Clay Spray Finishes

    Durable, beautiful, and environmentally friendly finishes are easy for us to get behind. Now, with American Clay’s Enjarre, a zero-VOC, spray-on earth plaster, you can apply a plaster finish over drywall that looks like it’s layers deep. Enjarre blends clays, aggregates, and mineral pigments that can be applied and textured in a single pass to provide a hard, durable, mold-resistant, and natural-looking finish. Eight pre-tinted colors are available. 866.404.1634.

  • Richlite Co. Cascade Collection
    Product Brief | 08-02-2010

    Richlite Co. Cascade Collection

    These paper composite surfaces feature solid-color tops with two- or three-tone edges in six color schemes.

  • Mailhot ThinkGlass
    Product Brief | 09-19-2011

    Mailhot ThinkGlass

    Featuring 25% recycled glass, the 100% recyclable LED-lit surfaces are available in 10 textrues.

  • Mailhot ThinkGlass
    Product Brief | 09-15-2011

    Mailhot ThinkGlass

    Featuring 25% recycled glass, the 100% recyclable LED-lit surfaces are available in 10 textrues.

  • Blog | 11-10-2008

    Can American Clay's Zero-VOC Finish Save Energy?

    American Clay study to test customer claims that its eco-friendly clay finish also saves energy.