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  • Part 2: Deconstruction 101
    Feature| 09-23-2010

    Part 2: Deconstruction 101

    For green infill builder Bethesda Bungalows, the first step to a high-performance house is tearing down an old, inefficient one.

  • Cleaning Up the Steel Production Process

    Cleaning Up the Steel Production Process

    A new method to extract iron from virgin resources might give the world's most widely recycled material an environmental edge after all, despite its high embodied energy.

  • Cradle to Cradle Certified Program Launches Public Revision Process

    Cradle to Cradle Certified Program Launches Public Revision Process

    In an effort to increase transparency and recruit more stakeholders, the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute is seeking outside input for the next version of its standard.

  • The Vision for Reuse
    People| 07-30-2012

    The Vision for Reuse

    How we can elevate building materials reuse and recycling into standard practice.

  • Improving the Green Retrofit Process
    Article| 10-01-2012

    Improving the Green Retrofit Process

    Randy Thompson is out to prove that a collaborative design-build process will significantly reduce costs and boost ROI to green up the country’s building stock.

  • Evaluating Toxicants in Product Selection

    Evaluating Toxicants in Product Selection

    Do you know what's in the products you're specifying? In the fifth webinar of our Vision 2020 series, we look at what's driving the growing call for material transparency and how it may influence your design processes.

  • Mind the Waste: Deconstruction Vs. Demolition
    Article| 05-22-2008

    Builders Are Urged To Consider the Green Benefits of Deconstruction Vs. Demolition

    Demolishing an existing house for a renovation or infill project may be quick and easy, but a lot of those building materials unnecessarily end up in land fills.

  • LEDs
    Article| 08-09-2013

    How It's Made: LEDs

    LEDs have transformed the way we illuminate our buildings. Here is a macrolevel look at the microscopic processes use to make these revolutionary chips.

  • Materials Reuse
    Department| 06-04-2009

    Materials Reuse

    On a pleasant day in one of Chicago’s suburbs, a deconstruction contractor and his crew remove an original, custom-made window for salvage from a 1923 home.

  • Natural Resistance
    Product Review| 02-22-2013

    Product Category Review: Insulation

    Insulation is a must of energy-efficient homes. New options offering recycled and renewable materials make the selection and installation processes easier.