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  • Tread Sustainably on these Six Floors
    Product Brief | 06-13-2014

    Tread Sustainably on these Six Floors

    We found nature-inspired textures, optical illusions, and classic patterns among the eco-friendly flooring picks at the annual NeoCon trade show in Chicago this week.

  • Eight Rad Rugs for Chic Interiors
    Product Brief | 09-19-2014

    Eight Rad Rugs for Chic Interiors

    These eye-catching floor coverings update time-tested designs and materials with vibrant colors and patterns.

  • Baroque, Horizon Floors
    Product Brief | 08-26-2013

    Baroque, Horizon Floors

    This wide-plank wood flooring adds rustic charm sans VOCs.

  • I.D. Inspiration, Johnsonite
    Product Brief | 12-12-2013

    I.D. Inspiration, Johnsonite

    This eco-friendly vinyl wood flooring gives high-traffic spaces a natural look.

  • Ruby Collection, Johnsonite
    Product Brief | 08-19-2013

    Ruby Collection, Johnsonite

    Vinyl flooring that offers environmental sustainability and aesthetic appeal on a budget.

  • Norament Satura, Nora
    Product Brief | 09-06-2013

    Norament Satura, Nora

    This low-VOC resilient flooring features neutral, accented colorways.

  • Teak Flooring from IndoTeak
    Product Brief | 12-04-2012

    Teak Flooring from IndoTeak

    IndoTeak is a 2½-year-old company that salvages old buildings, schools, houses, and military structures in Java to reclaim old-growth teak for flooring, decking, millwork, and many other products

  • Hexagon, Shaw Contract Group
    Product Brief | 08-16-2013

    Hexagon, Shaw Contract Group

    This carpet tile’s geometry helps to create lively interiors.

  • Street Life, Tandus Flooring
    Product Brief | 07-12-2013

    Street Life, Tandus Flooring

    This rugged carpet tile collection uses windshields as one option for its eco-friendly backing.

  • EnviroQuiet, FloorFolio Industries
    Product Brief | 11-01-2013

    EnviroQuiet, FloorFolio Industries

    The rubber backing on this luxury vinyl tile makes noise dampening a cinch.