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  • Material + Products
    Feature | 10-20-2014

    Material + Products

    Visible Green: New material opportunities in sustainable design.

  • Sound Off
    Product Review | 03-21-2013

    Product Category Review: Acoustical Insulation

    Make the most of acoustical insulation by first understanding how it works.

  • EcoTouch, Owens Corning
    Product Brief | 08-14-2013

    EcoTouch, Owens Corning

    Made with recycled content, EcoTouch is an eco-friendly insulation option.

  • Three Cradle to Cradle Wall Coverings

    Three Cradle to Cradle Wall Coverings

    These innovative wall coverings are LEED Material Ingredients Credit or LEED Disclosure Credit eligible, and have been catalogued in the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute's certified products registry.

  • Five Products to Green Spaces Indoors and Out

    Five Products to Green Spaces Indoors and Out

    These environmentally friendly finishes and systems promote daylighting, the use of recycled materials, and sound dampening.

  • This Week in Green Products and Technology
    Product Brief | 02-28-2014

    This Week in Green Products and Technology

    Reclaimed wood tabletops, bio-based sheathing, and decorative acoustic panels are among the latest in sustainable materials.

  • QuietTherm Insulation, Knauf
    Product Brief | 04-04-2013

    QuietTherm Insulation, Knauf

    EcoBatt insulation can improve STC ratings in walls by three to 10 points.

  • ReWall Co. NakedBoard
    Product Brief | 11-09-2012

    Product: ReWall Co. NakedBoard

    Made entirely from recycled paper, NakedBoard can be used as decorative wall board, wall-tile backer, ceiling panel, a curved wall, or accent material.

  • Woodtrac Wood Ceiling
    Article | 05-16-2013

    Winsome Wood Ceilings

    The FSC certified wood ceiling can earn you LEED points.

  • ResidentialComplete, Owens Corning
    Product Brief | 09-25-2013

    ResidentialComplete, Owens Corning

    This wall system combines insulation, sealants, and foam joint tape to achieve maximum energy efficiency.