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  • Rainwater Catchment System
    Product Brief | 06-08-2011

    Rainwater Catchment System From Rainwater Pillow

    The RainXchange system combines sub-surface rainwater collection with an above-ground recirculating water feature. Rainwater from the gutters collects in an underground rain filter and is then sent to a modular storage basin; water is pumped to either the irrigation hose or recirculates through the above-ground decorative water feature and biological filter and back into the storage basin. An overflow tank allows excess rainwater to infiltrate the soil and aquifer.

  • Rainwater Management
    Article | 12-19-2012

    Rainwater Management

  • Can Green Infrastructure Make Neighborhoods Safer and Wallets Thicker?

    Can Green Infrastructure Make Neighborhoods Safer and Wallets Thicker?

    Green infrastructure such as vegetated roofs, open parks, and permeable pavement can lead to higher rents, increased retail sales, reduced utility bills, and reduced crime, among other benefits, according to a new report from the NRDC.

  • The 2014 Holcim Award Recipients for North America

    The Holcim Foundation Names 13 Winners in North America

    The triennial competition awarded $330,000 to projects that the design jury determined as pushing the envelope of sustainability.

  • Change for the Better
    Article | 02-26-2008

    Carmen Dominguez Navigates Green Building Challenges, Triumphs

    Not long after completing the New American Home 2007, a green-built show home at last year’s International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Fla., veteran builder Carmen Domínguez realized the true meaning of her work. A 13-year-old boy approached her while she toured the home. “He said, ‘Thank you for doing this,’ ”Domínguez recalls, her otherwise exuberant tone softening as she retells the story. That moment deepened her commitment to bring what she learned from her first green home into the future of her business, and changed the way she looked at home building forever.

  • Green Building Conference Kicks off with Home Tour

    Green Building Conference Kicks off with Home Tour

    Projects include geothermal systems, rainwater catchment, ICFs, and straw bale construction.

  • Impacts of Greywater Irrigation

    Impacts of Greywater Irrigation

    New research looks at impacts of greywater reuse to help push regulations forward.

  • Can Your City Survive on Local Water Sources?

    Can Your City Survive on Local Water Sources?

    A handful of municipalities in Southern California are aiming to reduce their use of imported water by 40 billion gallons by 2035. Will other cities follow their lead?

  • Deep Root Silva Cell
    Article | 12-05-2011

    Deep Root Silva Cell

    This subsurface modular container system holds soil to help manage stormwater onsite and help tree roos grow.

  • Designing Water-Efficient Communities
    People | 08-14-2012

    Designing Water-Efficient Communities

    Harold Smethills explains why—and how—we can design future communities around water conservation.