Windows and Terrace Doors 

Given the real and recent potential for violent storms along the Gulf Coast, the house features single-hung, low-E insulated windows and French terrace doors from Loewen. All are equipped with the company’s StormForce MP system of structural enhancements and monolithic laminated glass to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, and pass Miami-Dade County test protocols. The engineered Douglas fir frames are clad with aluminum, available in 36 colors, on the exterior. Window sashes tilt for easy cleaning; terrace doors are hinged on the outside to allow both panels to operate from the middle. 800.563.9367.


The home’s solar electric (PV) system is installed at a slight south/west tilt on a flat roof section adjacent to the outdoor kitchen, enabling easy access to the panels and keeping them off the home’s sloped roof to maintain aesthetics. The BP Solar modules feature polycrystalline cell technology and 92% transmission through the glass top pane to capture more solar energy. The grid-tied Solaris XP inverter from Alpha efficiently converts DC power to AC and offers built-in battery backup and net-metering capability. The system delivers up to 4.8 kWh of free electricity, significantly offsetting energy costs. BP Solar: 866.277.6527. Alpha: 360.647.2360.



Flat concrete roof tiles from Entegra are finished bright white per the neighborhood design guidelines and to effectively reflect heat from the attic and living spaces. Roof temperatures are 30 degrees F cooler than asphalt, which helps reduce cooling energy loads. The 13-inch tiles present a uniform, tailored roofline for an upscale look. They are available in smooth (specified), tapered shake, and slate-look styles. 800.586.7663.