• Bubble Wraps

  • Bubble Wraps

    What are the pros and cons of open-cell and closed-cell foam insulations? And where are the best places to use each?

  • Green Machine Part 3: Builders Make Green Work By Making Tough Choices

    A NEW COMMUNITY IN THE FLORIDA PANHANDLE, Alys Beach, is breaking new ground, both literally and figuratively. Scott Henson, general manger, and his company, Wave Construction, owned by EBSCO Industries of Birmingham, Ala., are creating a different kind of project by taking green building seriously.

  • Part 1: The Movement Gains Momentum

    Thousands of builders have adopted at least some of the tenets and products of sustainable building, raising the bar on energy efficiency -- and often improving the overall quality of construction as a result.

  • Paradigm Shifter

    Advanced design and technologies make these homes extreme energy misers -- their solar electric roof panels provide as much energy as they use in a month.