• Earth-friendly Bathroom Furnishings

    A line of bathroom furnishings made from sustainably grown bamboo and recycled concrete, the Katharos collection includes a vanity made from wall-suspended cabinetry available in two colors topped by a countertop that comes in three colors, two lengths, and three configurations of cabinet doors and...

  • Prefab Goes Green, Gets Wired

    LivingHomes partners with WIRED Magazine to build a high-tech LEED-certified home.

  • Learn About Healthy Indoor Air

  • Water Sippers

    The toilet is not something most homeowners want to discuss in much detail, aside from style preferences. Many don't realize that there is another aspect to choosing a toilet: water consumption. According to the EPA, toilets account for approximately 30 percent of indoor water use in the home.

  • Green Products

  • In Depth: Native Landscaping

    Drawn to the coast for its natural beauty and wildlife, yet increasingly confronted by red tides, fish kills, and contaminated beaches, many coastal residents are deeply concerned about the environment. While they cannot single-handedly save the coast, a growing number are seeking out builders and...

  • Sun Wise

    Because it saves natural resources, reduces carbon emissions, and offers a money-saving opportunity for homeowners, solar water heating was named one of the top 10 technologies for 2007 by the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH)...

  • A Brighter Future

    A new light is about to break on the horizon of residential illumination: light emitting diodes, or LEDs. They have been used for years in indicator, electronic readout, and signage applications, as well as in the theater industry. More recently, LEDs have seen increasing use as architectural...

  • Please Stand By

    Everyday life depends so much on electrical power.