• FSC-Certified Hardwood Decking

    EARTHSOURCE. FSC-certified machiche tropical hardwood decking comes in 2-foot-by-2-foot solid squares for installation on flat surfaces or in 5/4-by-6-inch planks. The open-pored, dense hardwood comes in colors ranging from yellow/tan to medium brown reds and dark reds; over time, lighter spots...

  • Recycled-Content Decking From A.E.R.T.

    A.E.R.T. MoistureShield composite decking is made from 90% recycled materials, including pre-consumer kiln-dried oak mill waste, waste pallets, and construction debris. The plastics in the product include low- and high-density polyethylene from recycled milk jugs, grocery bags, detergent bottles...

  • December Legislative Update

    Santa Monica’s new green building regulations and federal incentives for energy-efficient homes were some of the green legislative issues in the news this month.

  • American Sustainability Initiative To Build 12,000 Energy-Efficient Modular Homes in Two Years

    Prefab home manufacturer seeking builders to erect its modest-sized, energy-efficient houses in 14 eastern states.

  • First Integrated Green Construction Code Poised For 2010 Debut

    The commercial building regulations will go into effect in 2012.

  • The Week in Green: Dec. 12-18

    A roundup of green building news, including GE’s new smart grid-enabled laundry appliances and Obama’s ‘Cash for Caulkers’ program.

  • Slide Show: 2009 LEED for Homes Award Winners

    USGBC recognizes seven residential projects for excellence in green building.

  • Case Study: Wilmington, N.C., ICF-Built Home Achieves LEED-Platinum

    Mark Johnson Custom Homes navigates the challenges and rewards of high-performance techniques and green certification.

  • Case Study: Wilmington, N.C., ICF-Built Home Achieves LEED-Platinum

    Seeking to differentiate, Mark Johnson Custom Homes navigated the challenges and rewards of high-performance techniques and green certification.

  • The Week in Green: Dec. 5-11

    A roundup of green building news, including WaterSense for Homes finalized and a federal ‘Cash for Caulkers’ plan.

  • EPA WaterSense for Homes Finalized

    Homes certified under the program will use 20% less water.

  • Top 20 Reader-Requested Green Products for 2009

    LED lighting heads up our annual list of the 20 products EcoHome readers wanted to know more about.

  • The Week in Green: Nov. 28-Dec. 3

    A roundup of green building news, including Panasonic’s investment in eco-friendly home products and a new money-saving Internet service for solar energy customers.

  • Greensburg Update: Sustainable Buildings Rise From Rubble

    A Kansas town destroyed by a tornado continues its quest toward eco-conscious rebuilding.

  • November Legislative Update

    Pittsburgh’s proposed environmental regulations, the U.K.’s mandate of zero-carbon homes, and other green building legislative issues this month.

  • goodman ac shoot

    HVI-certified Heat Recovery Ventilator

    The HVI-certified HRV series offers up to 92% heat recovery, according to the manufacturer, with cfm rates from 123 to 247 to accommodate various residential conditions and requirements. The units feature a 22/24-gauge galvanized steel cabinet that is fully insulated with 1-inch high-density...

  • VHR 1404 Heat-Recovery Ventilator

    The HVI-certified VHR 1404 heat-recovery ventilator is rated to recover and exchange 62% of exhaust air heat. The unit is equipped with two factory-balanced EBM motors with permanently lubricated sealed bearings for durability and low maintenance. An aluminum heat-recovery core is configured for...

  • EKO 1.5 Heat Recovery Ventilator

    The HVI-certified EKO 1.5 heat-recovery ventilator recovers and exchanges up to 80% of heated or cooled air. Two high-performance ECM motors consume 13.5 watts each at low speed and operate at 2.53 cfm per watt, making the units among the most energy efficient available. Four speed settings adjust...

  • Steps to a Deep-Green Retrofit

    Greenbuild speakers offer recommendations for extreme energy reduction.

  • Energy-Efficient Remodeling Expected to Grow

    Echo boomers, focus on performance will drive interest in green retrofits, Baker tells Greenbuild attendees.

  • On the Front Lines: Les Frye, Shugart Enterprises

    Innovative marketing, a commitment to green building, and a sweat equity program are keeping this North Carolina builder on top.

  • The Week in Green: Nov. 14-20

    A roundup of green building news, including the proposed “Cash for Caulkers” program and a wrap-up of Greenbuild 2009.

  • Nonprofit Builds High-Performance, Barrier-Free Home for Injured Iraq War Veteran

    Homes for Our Troops’ Hillsdale, N.J., dwelling achieves LEED-H Platinum.

  • Passive Solar Design Saves Homeowners up to 65% on Energy Bills

    Washington, D.C., townhouse’s solar chimney is beautiful and sustainable.

  • Induction Cooktop

    The 36-inch CI 491 induction cooktop now includes a frying sensor that keeps the oil at a precise temperature so it doesn’t overheat, the maker says. The unit includes five flexible cooking zones ranging from 1,400 to 3,600 watts, 17 output levels, power boost, memory cooking, and pan detection. It...

  • LED Recessed Downlights

    LED recessed downlights are now available with a 3?1/2-inch aperture that delivers 10.5 watts with 500 lumens at 3000K; a 4?1/2-inch aperture that delivers 14 watts with 622 lumens at 3000K; and a 5?1/2-inch model offering 14 watts with 635 lumens at 3000K and 730 lumens at 4200K. The fixtures can...

  • Sydney Smart Toilet

    The company now offers its Sydney Smart high-efficiency toilet with a back outlet. The WaterSense-labeled dual-flush unit offers 1.28 gpf and 0.8 gpf. A large trapway eliminates blockages, says the maker, and washdown technology pushes waste from the bowl. It is Maximum Performance tested at 900...

  • Custom Builder Squares Off with Production Builder Over Green Construction

    At the Greenbuild Conference last week, Tedd Benson chastised builders for not crafting high-quality homes.

  • Greenbuild Product Introductions

    New residential products, including high-efficiency toilets, phase-changing drywall, and low-flow showerheads.

  • Green Building to Support Nearly 8 Million U.S. Jobs Through 2013

    New report quantifies economic impact of ‘green-collar jobs.’

  • Old Houses Need Upgrades in Order to Make Dent in the Nation’s Energy Consumption

    Greenbuild speaker says Generation Y homeowners will have a major impact.

  • USGBC Expert Advocates Whole-House Approach to Home Performance Audits

    Greenbuild speaker details six steps to a complete home energy review.

  • The Week in Green: Nov. 7-13

    A roundup of green building news, including coverage from Greenbuild 2009 and Lutron’s smart grid initiative.

  • Al Gore, Global Green Building Council Chairs Open Greenbuild

    Opening plenary brings together U.S. and international green building pros, leaders, and advocates.

  • BuildingGreen Names Top 10 Green Products For 2009

    The eighth annual list boasts several energy-saving products.

  • Sustained Population Growth in West Depends on Quality Jobs

    Globalization will be one of the factors influencing Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Inland Empire, Urban Land Institute speakers say.

  • Boomers, Gen Y, Immigrants to Shape Housing Demographics

    Urban Land Institute speakers offer an outlook on the needs of an economy-battered American population.

  • The Week in Green: Oct. 31-Nov. 6

    A roundup of green building news including a new rating system for environmentally friendly landscaping and New Orleans’ green building revolution.

  • Scientific Investigation into Chinese-Made Drywall Continues

    Consumer Product Safety Commission’s preliminary findings released.

  • Survey: Homeowners Prefer Appearance Over Energy Efficiency

    A recent survey shows that we’re a nation of backsliders when it comes to making energy-efficient improvements to our homes.

  • Institute Offers New Way to Calculate a Home's Carbon Footprint

    Green Footsteps tool helps builders and architects estimate a project's impact and make reductions.

  • TiR32 Thermal Imaging Tool

    IR-Fusion technology on the TiR32 thermal imaging tool allows users to marry thermal images with digital images, including a picture-in-picture view that provides for easy pinpointing of problem areas. The unit’s 320x240 sensor provides for crisp, clear images. Designed like a tool, the device can...

  • Old World Vanity

    The Old World vanity is made from wood reclaimed locally by the manufacturer and finished with paint reclaimed from landfills or excess paint from paint stores. The units feature a deep wood-grain texture and hand-forged iron handles and hinges. They come in 24-, 30-, and 36-inch sizes...

  • Hog Crusher

    Attached to a skid-steer loader or forklift, the Hog Crusher scoops up and pulverizes most jobsite materials—including brick, block, stone, asphalt, and non-reinforced concrete—into 2-inch pieces or smaller that can be used as backfill, landfill, or driveway material. The unit can process up to 10...

  • Greenbuild 2009 Product Preview

    Eight residential products that will be on display, including a heat pump water heater, FSC-certified flooring, and recycled-content tiles.

  • October Legislative Update

    Senate Climate Bill hearings, Obama’s promotion of smart-grid projects, and new residential energy efficiency programs in California were some of the green legislative issues in the news this month.

  • The Week in Green: Oct. 24-30

    A roundup of green building news, including Obama’s promotion of smart-grid projects and a congressional battle over the future of Energy Star.

  • Picklewood Siding

    Picklewood siding is crafted from salvaged vat staves used to produce pickles, vinegar, and other foods in the 1800s; these redwood, cypress, and Douglas fir vats are being phased out in favor of fiberglass and stainless steel. The siding is available with the weathered exterior faces of the vats...

  • Solar Powered Dimmer

    The Solar Powered Dimmer allows homeowners to control the amount of natural light coming through their tubular skylight, but without the need for hard-wiring and therefore easier and more flexible installation. The three-button remote control operates a shade dimmer and two LED nightlights, both of...

  • HardieZone Fiber-Cement Siding System

    The HardieZone System, the company’s latest generation of fiber-cement siding, is formulated and engineered for optimum performance under varying climate conditions to further ensure durability and longevity. HZ5 siding, for northern climates, offers a formulation designed to withstand freezing...

  • UL to Offer Category-Specific Green Product Standards

    Certifications—based on life-cycle analysis—will provide third-party assurance to buyers.

  • The Week in Green: Oct. 16-22

    A roundup of green building news including the surprising findings of the DOE’s Energy Star audit and state energy efficiency rankings.

  • Case Study: Michigan Group Home Combines Accessibility and Sustainability

    A Detroit non-profit serving people with developmental disabilities has built one of the country’s first sustainable and accessible group homes.

  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Meltwater House

    Wisconsin's Solar Decathlon team focuses on affordable, off-the-shelf solutions suitable for the average family.

  • Universidad de Puerto Rico’s CASH House

    Caribbean team brings an island feel to its Solar Decathlon House.

  • Rice University’s Zerow House

    The main goal for Solar Decathlon team members from Rice University was to build a dwelling they could give back to their community.

  • Team Ontario/BC’s North House

    This Solar Decathlon house was designed to face extreme temperatures: frigid, snow-filled winters and hot, humid summers.

  • Team Alberta’s SolAbode House

    This net-zero house channels Canadian landscapes by synthesizing wood, water, stone, and light.

  • Iowa State University’s Interlock House

    ADA-compliant design brings high market viability to ISU's Solar Decathlon entry.

  • Vice President Biden Unveils Plan to Expand Green Jobs and Save Energy

    Energy-efficient home retrofits seen as key to economic recovery in Vice President Biden’s new green jobs plan.

  • Ohio State's Solar House I

    From its barn siding to its locally sourced materials, OSU’s Solar Decathlon entry channels the Buckeye State inside and out.

  • University of Kentucky's S.ky Blue House

    With local materials and cultural inspiration, Kentucky’s Solar Decathlon entry boasts simple, efficient elegance.

  • 500th Home Receives National Green Building Certification From NAHB Research Center

    Homes meeting ANSI National Green Building Standard or NAHB's Model Green Home Building Guidelines.

  • Team Germany Wins 2009 Solar Decathlon

    Solar generation earns Germany its second straight win; Illinois, California round out top three.

  • Got Substance?

    Professional conferences, workshops, and trade shows have always been rich resources for new information and networking opportunities, providing structured settings where communities convene to compare notes and share common interests. Nowhere else can you find such deep substance that can drive an...

  • Fuel Cell Power

    Hydrogen fuel cells are starting to show up in homes around the U.S., providing consumers with an additional alternative energy option. Though residential installations to this point have been primarily custom-engineered setups, several companies are developing or already are offering products that...

  • New + Notable Green Building Products

    A roundup of products for sustainable homes, including LED lighting, a thermal imaging tool, and reclaimed siding.

  • Recovery Time

    Starting in 2011, all new homes built to comply with the federal Energy Star Qualified Homes standard—perhaps 200,000 units if the NAHB’s forecast for that year holds true—will be required to provide an adequate amount of controlled, fresh-air ventilation as part of a comprehensive energy...

  • Balancing Act

    Through its LivingSmart green-building standard, Pardee balances the cost and schedule considerations of production building with features that save energy, conserve resources, and promote health.

  • Portrait of Ed Mazria, principle of Architecture 2030, photographed in Santa Fe, NM on July 24, 2009. USAGE: Interior editorial use for Ecohome Magazine, 2009, and related web/PR use.

    Valiant Journey

    A pioneering passive-solar researcher, architect, author, and professor, Edward Mazria's impact can be felt in the design of our homes and in the steps we take to combat climate change.

  • The Chevrolet Volt extended range electric vehicle with a 230 miles-per-gallon rating, is shown in front of the GreenHouse, a custom-built 4,000 sq-ft "carbon neutral" house in MacLean, Virginia Tuesday, September 22, 2009. The Volt will travel 40 miles on a single charge, meaning it could drive to Washington, DC and back twice from this location, without using a drop of gas. GreenHouse was designed and constructed using the latest environmental technologies, including solar hot water and electricity, a green roof system, rain water capture, geothermal heating/cooling and much more. The house will be open to the public for tours October 10-30. (Photo by Mark Finkenstaedt for General Motors)

    Park and Plug

    Electric cars are around the corner. Will your green buyers have a place to plug in?

  • Greenbuild Residential Summit Schedule

    This year's Residential Summit includes 15 educational sessions bookended by two in-depth panel presentations.

  • Residential Summit Will Discuss Greening of Local Codes

    A group discussion will explore how green home-building programs identify and quantify environmental issues, and how officials are using these programs to enable code modifications.

  • EcoBriefs -- Fall 2009

  • 6 Myths of Green Consumers

    A new study of green consumers contradicts several long-held stereotypes about them: The environment is not their top concern, their kids are not influencing them to be green, and while many know what they should do to save the planet, they often don’t do it. “Not all green consumers are the same...

  • Residential Summit Keynote: The Future of Green Home Building

    A panel of three CEOs will discuss their organizations' approach to residential sustainability.

  • Green Homes on a Budget

    ANSI-certified project fills a niche by providing sustainable housing at a price that’s attainable for working-class buyers.

  • The Week in Green: Oct. 10-16

    A roundup of green building news, including Solar Decathlon coverage and Tennessee’s new energy-saving building code.

  • Team California’s Refract House

    The Solar Decathlon’s architectural stand-out brings a West Coast feel to water and energy conservation.

  • University of Illinois’ Gable Home

    The Illinois team's Solar Decathlon project meets Passive House Institute standards, requiring 80% less energy for heating and cooling than conventional homes.

  • Penn State’s Natural Fusion House

    A strong connection to the outdoors and locally sourced materials keep PSU’s Solar Decathlon house in tune with its natural surroundings.

  • Whole-House Retrofits Provide Biggest Environmental, Energy Gains

    Larry Zarker and Bob Knight tell attendees at West Coast Green that 128 million homes need upgrades, but that builders need to take a holistic approach.

  • Team Spain's Black & White House

    A tracking solar roof and minimalist interior highlight Team Spain’s Solar Decathlon house.

  • On the Front Lines: Randy Streetman, Streetman Homes

    Austin green builder Randy Streetman speculates on why his sales are increasing amidst the current economic crisis.

  • Wood Has a Place in Green Home Building, Wood Industry Official Contends

    West Coast Green speaker tells pros that wood is not bad for the environment.

  • The Week in Green: Oct. 3-9

    A roundup of green building news, including a new report that says green construction is not always more costly and the U.K.’s greenest house.

  • 2009 Solar Decathlon Showcases Sustainable Building on the National Mall

    The competition promotes the present and future possibilities of green building to students, consumers, and professionals alike.

  • Greenbuild Update: Edward Mazria To Be Honored With Inaugural $50,000 Hanley Award

    After three decades of pioneering research that shaped the way we build green homes, Mazria founded Architecture 2030 with a mission to rapidly transform the built environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Icon Drop-In Induction Cooktops

    Icon drop-in induction cooktops come in 30- and 36-inch sizes with 6-, 7-, 8-, and 10-inch elements. The units’ Infinite cooking system creates heat only after sensing a pan on the surface, the firm says, and the surface responds only to the diameter of the vessel. Other features include...

  • The 365 Induction Range

    The 365 36-inch induction range integrates a 9,600-watt induction cooktop and a 5,900-watt convection oven. The cooktop’s five burners include a center 11-inch, 3,600-watt element; two 6-inch, 2,200-watt elements; and two 9-inch 2,800-watt elements. The 6-inch and 9-inch elements utilize...

  • AutoChef Induction Cooktops

    The company’s 800 Series of induction cooktops features AutoChef, a sensor that measures the temperature of the bottom of the pan and applies the right amount of energy to the element to deliver precise cooking, the company says. The appliance includes an 11-inch, 4,400-watt element, SteelTouch...

  • New Web Site Provides Training for Green Building Pros

    A new Web site from the New Jersey Institute of Technology provides free educational courses on the nuts and bolts of building affordable green housing.

  • 8 Tips for Making Small Houses Feel Larger

    As the economy shrinks floor plans, these design tricks can help make the most of smaller spaces.

  • Future-Proofing Garages for Electric Cars

    Plug-in vehicles may finally be hitting the mainstream. Are your garages ready?

  • The Week in Green: Sept. 26-Oct. 2

    A roundup of green building news, including smart grid-enabled dryers and New York’s green jobs act.

  • Structural Insulated Panels

    Agriboard SIPs utilize agricultural waste, wheat, and rice straw as an insulating core. More than 80% of Agriboard’s panels consist of straw left over after the grain has been harvested. The perimeter LSL presents a high shear-strength panel with virtually no thermal bridging. The 7?7/8-inch-thick...


    Wall and Roof Panels

    The company’s wall and roof panels feature 7/16-inch OSB sandwiching a core of partially recycled expanded polystyrene. The panels come in five thicknesses for R-values ranging from 16 to 48. Four-foot and 8-foot widths are offered. SIPs foundation panels also are available, providing an R-value of...

  • E-Rim Insulated Rimboard

    Made just like a SIPs panel, E-Rim Insulated Rimboard consists of a sandwich of OSB and polyurethane foam, providing a tightly sealed, R-14 barrier around the beltline. According to the firm, the product is 20 times more airtight than conventional rimboard, and tested thermal performance is 12%...

  • September Legislative Update

    New York’s green jobs bill and the establishment of eco-districts in Portland, Ore., were some of the green legislative issues in the news this month.

  • CFL Bulb Disposal: Handle With Care

    Remodelers, electricians, and other pros need to think twice before tossing fluorescent light bulbs in the trash.