• Got Substance?

    Professional conferences, workshops, and trade shows have always been rich resources for new information and networking opportunities, providing structured settings where communities convene to compare notes and share common interests. Nowhere else can you find such deep substance that can drive an...

  • Fuel Cell Power

    Hydrogen fuel cells are starting to show up in homes around the U.S., providing consumers with an additional alternative energy option. Though residential installations to this point have been primarily custom-engineered setups, several companies are developing or already are offering products that...

  • New + Notable Green Building Products

    A roundup of products for sustainable homes, including LED lighting, a thermal imaging tool, and reclaimed siding.

  • Recovery Time

    Starting in 2011, all new homes built to comply with the federal Energy Star Qualified Homes standard—perhaps 200,000 units if the NAHB’s forecast for that year holds true—will be required to provide an adequate amount of controlled, fresh-air ventilation as part of a comprehensive energy...

  • Portrait of Ed Mazria, principle of Architecture 2030, photographed in Santa Fe, NM on July 24, 2009. USAGE: Interior editorial use for Ecohome Magazine, 2009, and related web/PR use.

    Valiant Journey

    A pioneering passive-solar researcher, architect, author, and professor, Edward Mazria's impact can be felt in the design of our homes and in the steps we take to combat climate change.

  • The Chevrolet Volt extended range electric vehicle with a 230 miles-per-gallon rating, is shown in front of the GreenHouse, a custom-built 4,000 sq-ft "carbon neutral" house in MacLean, Virginia Tuesday, September 22, 2009. The Volt will travel 40 miles on a single charge, meaning it could drive to Washington, DC and back twice from this location, without using a drop of gas. GreenHouse was designed and constructed using the latest environmental technologies, including solar hot water and electricity, a green roof system, rain water capture, geothermal heating/cooling and much more. The house will be open to the public for tours October 10-30. (Photo by Mark Finkenstaedt for General Motors)

    Park and Plug

    Electric cars are around the corner. Will your green buyers have a place to plug in?

  • Greenbuild Residential Summit Schedule

    This year's Residential Summit includes 15 educational sessions bookended by two in-depth panel presentations.

  • Residential Summit Will Discuss Greening of Local Codes

    A group discussion will explore how green home-building programs identify and quantify environmental issues, and how officials are using these programs to enable code modifications.

  • EcoBriefs -- Fall 2009

  • Residential Summit Keynote: The Future of Green Home Building

    A panel of three CEOs will discuss their organizations' approach to residential sustainability.

  • Green Homes on a Budget

    ANSI-certified project fills a niche by providing sustainable housing at a price that’s attainable for working-class buyers.