• Top Chef

    Unlike many green building products, the term “energy efficient” may not to be the No. 1 selling point for induction cooktops. While these appliances are indeed efficient—so much so that they’re becoming a go-to staple in many eco-friendly kitchens—it’s their superior cooking capabilities that...

  • StructGuard Green Studio Photo Shoot of Product - Tyler - Sept 2006

    2009 Editors' Choice Awards

    Ten eco-friendly building products that bring new choices and solutions for addressing water and resource conservation, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and site design.

  • The 411 on SIPs

    Though they still make up a small share of the market, structural insulated panels provide an alternative to stick-building that's efficient during and after construction.

  • Rebuilding the 9th

    150 single-family and duplex homes offer a sustainable safe haven for residents hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters.

  • New & Notable Green Building Products

    A selection of sustainable products, including ventilation fans, thin-film solar roofing, low-flow faucets, and energy monitoring.

  • Dynamic Duo

    A tight building envelope, water-smart features, and solar power hightlight the contemporary Wash Park Green.

  • EcoBriefs

    News from around green building.

  • Community Building

    Straw bale is not only a more practical installation techique for Red Feather Development, it also boasts efficient, eco-friendly attributes.

  • Deep Roots

    Now is the time to listen to and follow the bold vision and outspoken leadership of our industry's visionaries.

  • 2009 Hanley Award Nominees

    18 individuals nominated for their hard work and dedication toward furthering sustainable communities.

  • Portrait of Edward Mazria, architect and proponent of the 2030 Initiative, taken at his Santa Fe, New Mexico home on January 7, 2007. USAGE: Unlimited usage for Architecture 2030. ©2007 Jamey Stillings, All Rights Reserved.

    Edward Mazria Selected for The Hanley Award

    Inaugural award recognizes pioneering architect and visionary.

  • Clearing the Air

    Gaseous pollutants and particulate matter create an invisible pollutant soup in homes. The type of air filters you provide can have a lasting impact on indoor air quality.