• ELT. Consisting of modular planted panels, the EasyGreen Living Wall System provides for easy installation of a living wall. The panels angled cells hold soil and plants in place while creating maximum green surface area, the maker says, and the overall design allows water to move downward through every cell in the panel. The 4-inch-deep panels mount directly to the wall or on a standalone frame. 866.306.7773. www.eltlivingwalls.com.

    New + Notable

    Products for sustainably built homes, including recycled-aluminum tiles, LED lighting, an ultra-high-efficiency toilet, bamboo decking, and more.

  • Reward Walls. The preassembled iForm system features a universal design that reduces on-site cuts, waste, and foam dust and creates finished walls from 9 to 17 inches thick. Each section features eight recycled polypropylene vertical ties between 2?1/2-inch-thick foam panels; ties are placed 6 inches o.c. with 1?1/4-inch-wide, full-length vertical furring strips recessed  inch behind the outside panel surface. An interlocking, 1-inch-tall, open-tooth design reduces the intrusion of dirt, debris, and concrete between teeth. Finished walls withstand winds of more than 200 mph. System waste is 100% recyclable, says the maker. 800.468.6344. www.rewardwalls.com.

    Good Form

    The need for energy efficiency is driving interest in ICFs. Here's what you need to know before trying out this building system.

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    Energy Star Under Fire

    Allegations of faulty certifications and self-verification drive policy changes for the revered brand.

  • Shaws Evergreen facility in Augusta, Ga., is the worlds largest carpet recycling plant, annually converting 100 million pounds of reclaimed carpet delivered from 50 collection points into new carpet.

    Carpet to Carpet

    In addition to its zero-waste-to-landfill manufacturing facilities, Shaw's new recycling facility reprocesses used carpet from around the country.

  • Kraftmaid. Products from this ISO 14001, ESP-certified company use at least 95% recycled-content, EPP-certified particleboard and MDF with 100% recovered or recycled wood fibers. The kitchen shown here features the Putnam door style in willow with cinnamon trim. 888.562.7744. www.kraftmaid.com.

    The Sum of Its Parts

    Cabinets are only as green as the sum of their parts.

  • The roof and the north, east, and west walls were built with Enercept SIPs, which the firm says save 50% on heating and cooling costs and are two-and-a-half times stronger than conventional framing. The south wall, which is mostly glass, was stick-built. 800.658.3303. www.enercept.com. Parts of the front and side elevations are clad in HardiePanel, a low-maintenance fiber-cement siding from James Hardie with a 30-year warranty against cracking, rotting, hail damage, and termites. The material doesnt expand and contract as much as wood-based sidings, says the maker, and hasnt needed a paint touch-up since it was installed 11 years ago. 888.542.7343. www.jameshardie.com.

    Enduring Vision

    More than a decade after its design, the home of architects Chris Hays and Allison Ewing demonstrates the long-term benefits of passive solar design and high-performance construction.

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    Back on Track

    The Elm Street remodel is part of Green Street's ongoing effort to revitalize areas along the city's new light rail system.

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    Water Sense

    Population growth means demand for water will continue to rise. We need to focus on conservation now--even when it's raining.

  • The non-profit Builders of Hope specializes in high-performance rehabs of abandoned or donated houseseither in place or after moving them to new neighborhoods. This home, part of a nine-unit development, was gutted and rebuilt with soy-foam insulation, low-E windows, Energy Star appliances, WaterSense faucets, sealed crawlspaces and attics, formaldehyde-free cabinets, and low-VOC paints. Though priced below market rate, the homes achieved Energy Star, LEED, and North Carolina HealthyBuilt certifications.

    Conference Tour Highlights Green Building in Raleigh-Durham

    Diverse collection of six new homes and remodels highlights offerings from the North Carolina Triangle community.

  • NAHB Honors Green

    Annual awards ceremony recognizes green homes, builders and remodelers, and programs.

  • Gord Cook

    Putting Tightness to the Test

    Guidelines for interpreting blower-door test results.

  • Green Building Pros Honored

    Fifteen builders, remodelers, and other professionals received National Green Building Awards during the NAHB National Green Building Conference.

  • NAHB Green Conference Kicks Off With Home Tour

    Ranging from high-end custom to affordable gut rehabs, the six Raleigh-Durham homes highlight the region’s diverse selection of sustainably built homes.

  • Energy Star in Harsh Media Spotlight

    Government investigation finds EPA program’s certification process “vulnerable to fraud and abuse.”