• Caroma. With a nominal flow rate of 1.5 gpm at 80 psi, the Caroma Flow high-efficiency showerhead saves up to 10 gallons of water for a 10-minute shower versus a standard unit. A precision-engineered nozzle pressurizes water for a uniform, soft-but-powerful spray, the firm says. A slide spray adjustment provides wide to concentrated coverage. WaterSense certification is pending. 800.605.4218. www.caromausa.com.

    New + Notable

    Five green products for your next project, including reclaimed wood windows and a high-efficiency showerhead.

  • The 2011 EcoHome Design Awards

    15 award-winning projects span the spectrum of sustainable design and high-performance features.

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    Residential BIM

    Building information modeling software has the power to expand architects' capabilities to design, detail, and deliver high-performance homes.

  • Bonded Logic. UltraTouch uses post-consumer blue jeans to make cotton batt and blown-in cellulose insulation with no formaldehyde or VOCs while diverting 300 tons of denim per month away from landfills. It is available in select R-values up to 30, absorbs sound for up to a 50% increase in acoustical performance, and offers fire- and mold-resistant qualities. New perforated batts enable easier installation around cavity intrusions to achieve optimal R-value. 480.812.9114. www.bondedlogic.com/ultratouch-cotton.htm.

    Optimized Insulation

    With a wider range of insulation products on the market, builders can customize applications to achieve cost-efficient energy performance.

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    Right-Sized HVAC

    Maximizing performance with five steps -- design through testing.

  • Rick SchwolskyEditor in Chief

    Big Builders

    When big builders make big statements about their commitment to green building, it's a big deal.

  • Meritage Homes sold this 3,391-square-foot net-zero model in Arizona for $322,140. With a 5.6-kW PV system and a highly insulated building envelope, the home will generate as much electricity as it uses.

    Net-Zero Finds the Mainstream

    Meritage Homes drives high performance into production markets in 21 communities.

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    Developer Special

    The Gish Family Apartment complex provides a fresh-air approach to affordable housing.

  • Experts to Tackle Green Building Product Selection

    Water-efficient products, high-performance windows, and sustainable siding are among the educational sessions.

  • IBACOS-Led Lab Home Tests Approaches for Market-Rate Net-Zero Production Housing

    Pittsburgh demonstration project will test multiple systems and building techniques to determine the most effective, affordable options production builders can replicate.