• Beam Serenity IQA Power Unit Central Vaccuum System

    Beam's Serenity IQA Power Unit Central Vaccuum System From Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems includes an electronic user information system.

  • Busby: Learning Sustainable Design

    Peter Busby started his first practice in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in 1984 with a desire to influence the city’s growth and have a direct social and physical effect on the built environment.

  • Fiesta!

    Fiesta! from Cambridge is a versatile textured loop carpet for commercial applications. It captures the rich, Earthy tones and bright accent colors of Mexico in nine different colorways.

  • Collins Pine FreeForm

    The Collins Cos. has released Collins Pine FreeForm, the only Forest Stewardship Council-certified Western Pine particleboard in North America.

  • Bamboo Products

    Cali Bamboo LLC integrates bamboo into its products because it is a high-yield renewable resource and has a higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel.

  • The Metaphor Series of furniture

    The Metaphor Series of furniture by Virco is for K-12 schools. Products have a strong, full-perimeter tubular steel frame and polypropylene shell to withstand high traffic.

  • Wireless Master Switch

    The GreenSwitch allows homeowners to control all electronics not being used throughout their house with one wireless master switch.

  • Solatube Designer Touches

    Solatube International Inc.’s Solatube Designer Touches is a line of designer daylighting for homeowners seeking stylish options and designers integrating daylighting into their projects.

  • Macrolux I.R. multiwall polycarbonate sheet

    CO-EX Corp. has developed its Macrolux I.R. multiwall polycarbonate sheet to provide heat reduction and load resistance in interior space

  • Glass Lined Water Heaters

    Heat Transfer’s SuperStore Contender Solar line of glass-lined indirect water heaters store hot water from one or more solar collectors.

  • BioStride

    BioStride from Armstrong Commercial Flooring is a polymer that creates less dependence on petroleum and fossil fuels because it contains rapidly renewable, U.S.-grown plant ingredients.

  • Green-Lock multipurpose structural adhesive

    Green-Lock multipurpose structural adhesive from The Garland Co. Inc. is a 100 percent solids, VOC-free, odorless, single-component adhesive.

  • The EcoSmart Fire collection

    The EcoSmart Fire collection from The Fire Co. does not need a flue or connection, allowing fireplaces to be installed where space or code previously restricted them.

  • Softwave sun louvers and exterior screening products

    Aerobrise, Celoscreen, C23/C40 and Softwave sun louvers and exterior screening products are available from Hunter Douglas Architectural Products.

  • Nitrogen-Oxide-Emitting Residential Gas Water Heaters

    Rheem Water Heating has unveiled an 18-model lineup of ultra-low nitrogen-oxide-emitting residential gas water heaters.

  • Urbanslabs

    Urbanslabs from Eco Surfaces are sustainable, cement-based slabs available for countertops, vanities, shower panels, floor tiles, bookshelves and more.

  • Spaceloft Insul-Cap

    INSULATION ADDS R-VALUE Spaceloft Insul-Cap from Aspen Aerogels is a nanotechnology-based aerogel insulation product that adds R-value to steel- and wood-frame buildings.

  • Innovations

    These products will help achieve sustainability.

  • Playa Viva

    Playa Viva in Mexico is being regenerated and remains vital for nesting marine turtles.

  • A Wise Investment

    Geothermal HVAC systems do not depend on natural gas and are a good alternative to conventional HVAC systems.

  • The Clean Green Heating-And-Cooling Machine

    In an age of rising energy costs, geothermal-based heating-and-cooling systems could provide a practical solution.

  • Power Roofing

    FOR MORE THAN A DECADE, Moon Township, Pa.-based CENTRIA Services Group has kept a close watch on solartechnology and the market climate for solar roofing.

  • Examining UFAD

    Lessons learned from underfloor-air distribution systems with pressurized plenums are the basis for new GSA design standards and criteria.

  • The Path Forward

    Environmental Performance Declarations tackle issues in the green-building sector.

  • The Big Chill

    Used for years in European buildings, chilled beams are anintegrated water-source heating-and-cooling system mountednear or within the ceiling, wherein the beams act as the airdelivery device and temperature control system.

  • After the Storm

    New Orleans is recovering from Hurricane Katrina's Destruction.

  • A Notable Cause

    After being demolished by a tornado, Greensburg, Kan., is rebuilding in a green manner.

  • The Emerald City

    Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and several others saw a rare opportunity for Greensburg to rise from the rubble as the greenest town in America.

  • Paradise Found

    A sustainable Hawaii residence serves as a learning tool as its participates in the Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Green Building Council's LEED for Homes pilot program.

  • Building Blocks

    At Fort Bragg, N.C., a partnership of three St. Louis-based firms teamed up to create a low-cost solution to the U.S. Army’s needs using sea containers that are 8-feet (2.4-m) wide, 40-feet (12-m) long and 9-feet (2.7-m) high.

  • Naturally Cool

    The more we learn about how buildings and their occupants interact, the more we see that this model is a recipe for poor IAQ and less healthy, less productive employees. The required HVAC systems also use massive amounts of energy and create a high percentage of an office building’s carbon-dioxide...

  • With Liberty and Justice for All

    The Wayne L. Morse United States Courthouse not only stands as an artistic expression for future generations, it also considers those generations by exemplifying the definition of sustainability.

  • Dos Lagos

    In a world growing ever more environmentally conscious, mixed-use communities create a sense of belonging, promote a healthier lifestyle and embrace the latest sustainableprinciples.

  • Grapevine

    During the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo recently held in Chicago, Christina Koch, eco-structure’s editor in chief, moderated a Q&A session with Ray Anderson, founder and chairman of Interface Inc., Atlanta. Nearly 200 people heard Anderson explain his motivation to make Interface’s...

  • German Students Win Solar Decathlon

    THE WASHINGTON, D.C.-BASED U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY’S 2007 SOLAR DECATHLON challenged 20 university-led teams from around the world to design, build and operate an attractive, energy-efficient, solar-powered home.

  • Schools Are Going Green

    DOZENS OF ARCHITECTS, PTA PRESIDENTS, school board members, school superintendents and others from across the country are pioneering an effort to provide green schools for every child within a generation.

  • Certification Exams Comply with Standards

    THE AMERICAN INDOOR AIR QUALITY COUNCIL, Glendale, Ariz., announced its certification exams comply with the consensus standards published by the Washington, D.C.-based American Educational Research Association, Washington-based American Psychological Association and Madison, Wis.-based National...

  • Project Greens Data Centers

    The Green Data Project is an international online community, resource site and Web publication focused on managing electronic data to reduce electrical power demands in corporate information technology.

  • WaterSense Identifies Efficient Products

    A FINAL SPECIFICATION FOR BATHROOM SINK FAUCETS from the Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program provides customers with a way to identify high-performance, water-efficient products for their homes.

  • GBI Releases Interactive Platform

    Based on feedback from hundreds of users, the Green Building Initiative, Portland, Ore., released an interactive platform for its Green Globes environmental assessment and rating system.

  • Greenbuild 2007 Sees Record Numbers

    THE FIFTH ANNUAL GREENBUILD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND EXPO, sponsored by the Washington, D.C. based U.S. Green Building Council, shattered previous attendance records when 22,835 attendees flocked to Chicago’s McCormick Place in November 2007.

  • Desking Systems Earn GREENGUARD Certification

    Green Bay, Wis.-based KI's desking systems recently received GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification for low-emitting products from the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, Atlanta

  • ERA Requests Change to ASHRAE Standard

    THE EPDM ROOFING ASSOCIATION, Bethesda, Md., has requested that the Atlanta-based American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Inc. change the list of climate zones in which buildings are required to have a Solar Reflectivity Index of 0.78 in its proposed Standard...

  • Aldo Leopold Foundation Wins FSC Award

    THE FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL-US , Washington, D.C., awarded its third annual Designing & Building with FSC Award to the Baraboo, Wis.-based Aldo Leopold Foundation for the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center headquarters building.

  • Perfect Storms

    Editor in Chief, Christina Koch, discusses rebuilding communities devestated by natural disasters in a sustainable manner in order to reduce human-induced global warming.