• Display House Built With FSC-Certified Materials

    Portland, Ore.-based Forest Products Solutions unveiled the first FSC House trade-show display at the Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Green Building Council’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo last November in Chicago.

  • Creating Value: Smart Development and Green Design

    Case studies, perspectives, and examples for creating the built environment in the 21st century.

  • Tropical Woods Luxury Resilient Flooring

    Amtico International’s Tropical Woods luxury resilient flooring offers four patterns—Brazilian rosewood, merbau, tigerwood and caramel bamboo— that mimic rare rainforest species.

  • Solid Bamboo Flooring

    EcoTimber’s Solid Bamboo Flooring is made with a formaldehyde-free adhesive that does not offgas.

  • Lighting Products

    Lightlink manufactures lighting products from green materials.

  • CoolStar-Coated Surfaces

    CertainTeed Corp. has released 14 low-slope granulated cap-sheet membranes that feature CoolStar-coated surfaces, a reflectant surface for low-slope roofing.

  • Architectural Wood-Veneer-Faced Panels

    Architectural wood-veneer-faced panels from S.J. Morse Co. are fire rated and 100 percent Forest Stewardship Council-certified.

  • OlyBond 500 Green

    OMG Inc. has unveiled OlyBond 500 Green, an environmentally friendly insulation adhesive for roofing professionals. Composed of rapidly renewable resources, the product is odorless and contains no VOCs.

  • Solar-Electric Systems

    SunLink Corp. designs and markets engineered mounting solutions for easily integrating solar-electric systems on flat roofs where maximizing electrical output and minimizing roof impact are paramount.

  • The Prestigio 4 Toilet

    The Prestigio 4 toilet from Mansfield Plumbing uses only 1.1 gallon (4 L) of water per flush and is operated by a pressure-assist, high-performance Sloan Flushmate IV flushing system.

  • Exterior Sunshades

    Exterior Sunshades from Quality Metalcrafts LLC reduce wintertime radiant heat loss and filter the sun's heat and glare.

  • Barrelhouse Heart Pine

    Barrelhouse Heart Pine from JG Architectural Supply is an antique hardwood flooring product that contains 100 percent salvaged/recycled content.

  • Green-Roof Modules

    GreenGrid green-roof modules now are made of 100 percent postindustrial recycled materials.

  • Permapave Permeable Paver

    Permapave Industries LLC’s Permapave Permeable Pavers are natural-stone pavers that eliminate 100 percent of gross pollutants from waterways.

  • Filtrete Filters

    Filtrete filters for commercial buildings from 3M reduce energy, maintenance and life-cycle costs associated with traditional ventilation systems because of low-airflow resistance.

  • Water, Water Everywhere

    Steve Fleischli, president of the Irvington, N.Y.-based Waterkeeper Alliance, shares the organization's history, accomplishments and goals.

  • Unsung Heroes of Energy Efficiency

    ASHRAE has increased the minimum required roof and wall insulation levels in Standard 90.1

  • Technology Is SCS Certified

    Scientific Certification Systems, Emeryville, Calif., has certified Buffalo, N.Y.-based Osmose’s MicroPro technology as an Environmentally Preferable Product.

  • Striving toward Energy Efficiency

    Several programs and initiatives seek to increase energy efficiency and reduce associated greenhouse-gas emissions.

  • Roofing Organization Formed

    The National Roofing Contractors Association , Rosemont, Ill., has established the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing, a separate 501(c)(6) organization that promotes the development and use of environmentally responsible, high-performance roof systems.

  • Reports About Green Concrete

    The Skokie, ILL.-based Portland Cement Association has commissioned research suggesting that the reflectance of concrete satisfies Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Green Building Council LEED requirements for reducing the heat-island effect.

  • Groups Work To Green Health Care

    The U.S. Green Building Council, Washington, D.C., and Green Guide for Health Care, a joint project of the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, Austin, Texas, and Health Care Without Harm, Arlington, Va., are collaborating to green the health-care industry by fostering best practices and...

  • Renovation Inspiration

    Less than 10 miles (16 km) away from the setting of the historic 1943 novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, architect Paul Gleicher and his wife Lisa Sharkey completely renovated their 19th century, 4-story Romanesque Revival brownstone. Remodeled with the help of Good Housekeeping magazine and the...

  • From The Hill: Bush Signs Energy Bill

    President George W. Bush as signed an energy bill that will boost fuel-economy requirements for cars and light trucks to 35 miles per gallon (56 km per L) by 2020—the first such increase since 1975.

  • A Green-Building Champion

    Judson University, Elgin, Ill., underwent a post-occupancy review to determine whether the hybrid-ventilation-system design is effective.

  • Reach for the Dry

    Damp ventilation air can damage IAQ and a building itself.

  • Performance Standards For Foam Products

    The Knoxville, Tenn.-based Polyurethane Foam Association is developing a certification program called CertiPUR-US for polyurethane foam.

  • Nationwide Green Remodeling Guidelines

    The American Society Of Interior Designers And The U.S. Green Building Council, both based in Washington, D.C., have created the first nationwide green residential remodeling guidelines for existing homes.

  • Innovations

    These products will help achieve sustainability.

  • Flooring Is Free of Formaldehyde

    Bamboo Flooring and Plywood Manufacturer Smith & Fong, San Francisco, has begun converting its plants in Taiwan and China to a urea-formaldehyde-free manufacturing process.

  • Envelope Products Recognized For Sustainability

    MBDC, Charlottesville, Va., has awarded cradle to cradle certification at the Silver level to Moon Township, Pa.-based CENTRIA’s Formawall Graphix Series metal wall panels, Concept Series concealed fastener panels, IW Series concealed fastener panels, Profile Series exposed fastener panels...

  • Company Complies with Standards

    Sierrapine, Roseville, Calif., has announced plans for full compliance with the Washington, D.C.- based U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s MaximumAchievable Control Technology standards for hazardous air pollutants for composite-wood-products manufacturing facilities.

  • Awards

    2008 Student Awards Program Greensite Project Of The Year

  • Art, an Intimate Friend

    Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, upgraded its Bowdoin College Museum of Art to care for its valuable art collection.

  • A Way Of Life

    When I was in college I often absorbed myself in my classes by trying to find examples of the subject matter in my everyday life. For example, while taking a geology class I pointed out types of rocks to my friends when walking through campus. Yes, they teased me, but I got an A in the class. I...

  • Cape Cassini Wilderness Retreat

    The Cape Cassini Wilderness Resort in Australia attracts guests with its sustainable practices and remarkable landscape.

  • Company Accepts Green Award

    Sloan Valve Co. has accepted the 2007 Green Power Leadership Award from the Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its green power purchase.

  • Water+Life

    Two green museums in California educate visitors about the connection between water and life.