• Urban Ecology

    Urban Ecology is a Euro-American diary that captures the beauty of city life and celebrates the four seasons through 30 short stories and color photographs about New York life as seen through the eyes of a European environmental activist.

  • Advanced Vegetative Roof System

    Columbia Green Technologies Inc.’s Advanced Vegetative Roof System is easy to install and maintain.


    American Clay Enterprises LLC has created ENJARRE, a single-coat plaster for commercial and multi-unit residential markets.

  • Zero-VOC Exterior Paint

    YOLO Colorhouse has introduced its Outside line, a high-performance, zero-VOC exterior paint in a designer palette that considers changes in natural light during the course of a day.

  • COOLWALL Coating Systems

    TEX-COTE’s COOLWALL coating systems are formulated to reflect the sun’s heat and reduce heat build-up on exterior walls. This low-VOC formulation does not change the wall surface’s color.

  • Compact Wind Turbine

    SHINKO’s compact wind turbine, Gentle Breeze, uses the power of the wind to make electricity.

  • Disinfectant And Deodorizer

    Crypton’s Disinfectant and Deodorizer is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to disinfect Crypton Super Fabric—a fabric that resists spills, stains, odors, mold, mildew and bacteria—creating an engineered system of total disinfection.

  • DUROCK Flooring Adhesive

    Designed for bonding wood flooring, tile and stone to subfloor and vertical surfaces, DUROCK flooring adhesive from USG’s tile and flooring division offers superior bond strength and good troweling properties.

  • Andalay Solar Panel Technology

    Akeena Solar Inc.’s Andalay solar panel technology combines reliability and aesthetics in all-black panels that look like skylights when installed.

  • Fiber Optic Skylight

    The Fiber Optic Skylight by HUVCO Daylighting Solutions comprises an exterior mounted panel containing 64 computer-controlled lenses that focus sunlight into optical fibers.

  • Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Products

    PortionPac manufactures environmentally responsible cleaning products for the janitorial industry.

  • DryCool ERV technology

    Munters DryCool ERV technology cools and dehumidifies by using a condenser reactivated desiccant dehumidification cycle.

  • Square D Clipsal Area Lighting Panels

    Square D Clipsal Area Lighting Panels from Schneider Electric realize daylight harvesting in individual conference rooms or suites within commercial buildings by combining natural with artificial light.

  • ACFoam CrossVent

    ACFoam CrossVent from Atlas Roofing Corp. is an environmentally friendly polyisocyanurate-foam insulation board designed for use over sloped, unventilated roof decks.


    MeTecno USA’s METENERGY system is a building-integrated photovoltaic installation option that combines UNI-SOLAR thin-film laminates with insulated roofing panels.

  • The Durable Building Credit

    Within the Ottawa, Ontario-based Canada Green Building Council’s LEED program, Materials and Resources credit 8 for Durable Buildings encourages these performance objectives. MRc8 contributes 1 point to the building’s LEED rating but more importantly provides a six-step process to prevent...

  • Symbiosis and Synergy

    Nonprofit Heifer International's growth necessitated a larger headquarters that provides control over energy costs and demonstrates sustainability.

  • Start Local

    Europe is tackling sustainability at a local level by developing an Integrated Management System model.

  • Scrubbing toward Sustainability

    Green cleaning is an easy and cost-effective way to protect the environment.

  • Nau

    When outdoor apparel company nau asked Skylab Architecture, Portland, Ore., to design its stores, principal architect Jeff Kovel, AIA, took on the challenge with utmost care for the environment.

  • Less is More

    Jeffrey Harris, vice president for programs for the Washington, D.C.-based Alliance to Save Energy, discusses the organization's purpose and goals.

  • Innovations

    These products will help achieve sustainability.

  • Give Me Shelter

    Beyond the savvy environmental nature of the structure, the Katherine K. Hanley Family Shelter in Fairfax, Va., offers safety and hope.

  • Following Europe's Lead

    I recently visited my maternal grandparents in Germany. Ever since I was young, I have been cognizant of wasting things, like water and electricity, at Oma and Opa’s (Grandma and Grandpa’s) house. I think their strict household is a result of the direct effect World War II had on them and the high...

  • An Accidental Green

    Sentry Equipment Corp., Oconomowoc, Wis., has drastically reduced its energy consumption by installing LEDs in its new headquarters.

  • Finding Balance

    Oregon’s Hood River Valley offers year-round recreational opportunities with skiing on Mt. Hood, hiking through forest lands and fishing in clear waters. Outside of Parkdale, Tom Kelly and his wife Barbara Woodford found a spot amidst this rugged setting to build a mountain home.

  • Uhma Spa & Shop

    Uhma Spa & Shop, South Beach, Fla., practices sustainability in the products it uses and its building construction.

  • Hindsight is 20/20

    Franklin D. Roosevelt's Little White House Museum is commissioned two years after achieving LEED Silver certification.