• Building Green With Blended Cements

    A look at the performance and sustainable advantages of using supplementary cementitious materials in concrete construction.

  • The ABCs of IAQ

    Exploring the importance of indoor air quality in sustainable building and design.

  • Eco Speclist

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    Health Reform

    WRNS Studio's design for the University of California, Davis's Student Health and Wellness Center aims for well-being for students, pratitioners, and the environment.

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    Code Green

    Examining the prognosis of sustainability in healthcare through five projects.

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    Taking Control

    Lighting control systems can reap big energy savings.

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    Ahrend 601 Bench

    Ahrend's 601 Bench is available in three versions, two made from recycled compressed beech hardwood and one made from partially recycled aluminum alloy.

  • Pitch:Africa is a soccer venue that doubles as a rainwater collection system, thanks to cisterns stored underneath the soccer pitch.

    Perfecting the Pitch

    Creating a soccer pitch that doubles as a water storage system.

  • Containers2Clinics Gives Containers a Second Life

    Portable medical clinics crafted from shipping containers are designed to handle their new cargo with care.

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    The Road to Recovery

    A study shows how new hospitals can reduce their energy use by 60 percent.

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    Smith & Fong Co. Sideways

    Sideways is Smith & Fong’s first venture into hardwood flooring.

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    Richlite Co. Cascade Collection

    These paper composite surfaces feature solid-color tops with two- or three-tone edges in six color schemes.

  • DCF 1.0

    NanaWall Systems Bird-Protection Ornilux Glass

    Ultraviolet patterns on NanaWall's new glass aims to prevent birds from colliding with windows.

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    Karastan Tuscany Fields

    Karastan, a brand of the Mohawk Group, has debuted Tuscany Fields, a broadloom inspired by the hills and grapevines of the Italian region.

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    Joel Berman Glass Studios Lastra

    Lastra is a monolithic panel created entirely from re-melted cullet, a post-industrial by-product of the glassmaking process.

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    InterfaceFLOR AxTile Too

    AxTile Too is a carpet tile collection boasting saturated color and patterns.

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    GLASS AG GLASSXcrystal

    Salt-hydrate phase change material embedded in GLASSXcrystal aids with heat storage.

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    Armstrong Migrations Bio-Based Tile

    Bio-Based tile, or BBT, uses a polymer called BioStride that contains bio-based rapidly renewable ingredients.

  • Healthy Choices

    Kathy Gerwig, vice president of workplace safety and environmental stewardship officer for Kaiser Permanente talks about how healthcare organizations are reducing their environmental footprints.

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    Breakthrough Study

    Genzyme Center's passive and sophisticated solutions remain a demonstration of green building practices.

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    (Air) Quality Control

    A principal from Perkins+Will explores the challenges of clearing the air and reducing waste in healthcare settings.

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    Do No Harm

    When it comes to environmental performance of facilities, the healthcare industry needs help, stat.

  • Wilson Wins Hanley Award

    The second annual Hanley Award goes to the founder of BuildingGreen.