• New + Notable: Solar Panels, Bark Siding, and More

    Green building products from Huvco, Highland Craftsmen, Morso, and more.

  • Right as Rain

    Smart steps to water-conserving landscapes.

  • Next-generation PVs

    Today’s photovoltaics are smaller, more efficient, less expensive, and better looking than ever.

  • Lumber Certification Groups Battle for Recognition

    Lumber certification groups battle for identity and brand recognition.

  • Leading by Example

    Community Housing Partners’ award-winning neighborhood brings community education and sustainable performance to affordable housing.

  • Modern Mill

    A touch of contemporary design and sustainability revitalizes a historic site in Charm City.

  • Coming soon | Super-Efficient Windows

    Serious Materials, which recently acquired window innovator Alpen Energy Group, is tackling the wall’s most inefficient component with a new line of windows boasting unit R-values of 5 to 15. The company achieved this level, which is significantly higher than the R-2.5 to R-3 of a typical...

  • R&D | Solar Spectrum

  • Hawaii to Require Solar DHW

    Islands pass first state law requiring solar water heaters on new homes.

  • Covering the Bases

    Interchangeable façades add efficiency and variety to military housing in the vast California desert.

  • Green Recovery?

  • Priority Check

    When Al Gore proposed the idea last month that the U.S. could supply 100% of its energy needs with alternative sources within 10 years, he may have been overly optimistic with his statement, but not with his goals.

  • Magical Matrix

    Ask green building professionals what their biggest challenge is, and they’ll probably point to the difficulty in making product selections.

  • Dynamic Conditions

    Performance requirements for wood-framed wall systems have changed considerably. Here’s how to meet today’s conditions and set new standards.