• Absolute Zero

    In the ongoing quest to decrease the impact buildings have on the environment, we have begun to hear more about the concept of net-zero-energy buildings.

  • Draft Specification Addresses Urinals

    The Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released a draft specification for high-efficiency-flushing urinals.

  • Rainwater System Wins Award

    Grove Farm Co. Inc., Lihue, Hawaii, which enhances its land and water resources for the 40,000 acres (16188 hectares) it owns, won a Fairfield, Conn.-based GE ecomagination Leadership Award for its solution that provides a sustainable water resource for as many as 15,000 residents and visitors on...

  • Investigation Reveals Water-Enforcement Gaps

    The U.S. House Government Oversight Committee and U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee released a memorandum that highlights the threat to the nation’s waters posed by the Supreme Court decision Rapanos v. United States (2006), which has created legal confusion about what waters...

  • Study Shows Green Education Disparity

    Education Revolution, a study from architecture firm RMJM Hillier, Princeton, N.J., finds that students at top U.S. design schools rated job prospects as the top benefit of integrating sustainable design into the school curriculum, but only 6 percent of design leaders believe recent graduates are...

  • Report Illustrates Energy Challenges

    According to a report produced by attendees of a workshop held by the Federal Facilities Council, Washington, D.C., federal agencies may have to make significant process changes to meet the Energy Independence and Security Act, which mandates 30 percent energy reduction in federal buildings by 2015.

  • Sustainability Committee Formed

    West Conshohocken, Pa.-based ASTM International has formed ASTM Committee E60 on Sustainability.

  • LEED 2009 Passes Member Ballot

    LEED 2009, the update to the Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Green Building Council’s green-building certification program, has passed the member ballot and will be introduced this year as the next major evolution of the existing LEED rating systems for commercial buildings.

  • Living Off the Grid

    This book teaches how to be economically savvy and environmentally self-sufficient by taking simple actions, such as using mass transit, to more complex endeavors, like building eco-friendly infrastructures.

  • Water Heaters

    McQuay scroll-compressor Templifier water heaters recover waste heat to make it available for space heating and domestic hot water.

  • AQUS Greywater System

    Sloan Valve Co.’s AQUS Greywater System reclaims greywater from bathroom drains and reuses it in toilets.

  • Fabrics

    O Ecotextiles manufactures fabrics for the commercial and residential design industries.

  • Green Roof Waterproofing System

    Green Roof Waterproofing System from Dow Hyperlast comprises a primer, elastomeric membrane and robust wear coat to combine performance with installation and usage flexibility.

  • SofTrace Luminaires

    SofTrace luminaires from Day-Brite Lighting can create energy savings of about 30 percent through a concealed lamp center panel with 95 percent efficiency.

  • Wall Base Colors

    Nora systems Inc. has expanded its nora wall base to 70 standard colors to appeal to designers, architects, contractors and installers.

  • Cool Roof Tile Line

    Eagle Roofing Products’ Cool Roof Tile line for commercial and residential applications reflects sunlight and helps prevent heat transfer into a building, resulting in energy savings and less work for air-conditioning units.

  • Sensor Technology

    EnOcean wireless technology can generate a strong signal from a small amount of energy to power sensor technology for occupancy sensors and lights.

  • UnderFloorSox

    UnderFloorSox from DuctSox is an air-dispersion system designed to reduce thermal decay and improve temperature consistency within the plenum for underfloor-air-distribution systems in retrofit and new-construction commercial buildings.

  • Fusion III

    Fusion III, the newest addition to Chloride’s solid-state lighting family, has a slim ceiling recessed profile.

  • Continuous Vault Skylight System

    Oldcastle Glass Naturalite’s Continuous Vault skylight system is offered in a thermalized version that also prevents air and water leakage.

  • Patterned PVC-Free Upholstery Collection

    CF Stinson’s Patterned PVC-Free Upholstery Collection includes a built-in silver-based, broad-spectrum antimicrobial system that is non-leaching and will not wash off or abrade over time.

  • E Solution Tower Cooling Program

    Earthwise Environmental Inc.’s e solution tower cooling program eliminates hazardous chemical treatments and reduces cooling-tower discharge.

  • Here Comes the Sun

    In 2007, the U.S. installed approximately 150 megawatts of solar photovoltaic power—a 45 percent increase compared with 2006 and a testament to the power of green-building rating systems, tax credits and other renewable-energy incentives.

  • Water Wise

    This issue of eco-structure examines the burgeoning water crisis, specifically how buildings can conserve and reclaim water.

  • Recess for Your Hands and Feet

    Eco-luxury has reached a new level in Los Angeles with the opening of Recess for Your Hands and Feet nail salon.

  • Eco-Resources

    Resources and products for green building.

  • Innovations

    These products will help achieve sustainability.

  • Purple Rain

    Water scarcity caused by burgeoning populations, increased environmental regulations, and changing weather patterns are forcing municipalities to rethink how and where they get their water.

  • Implementing Geoexchange

    In October 2008, HR 1424, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, passed into law; it included new incentives for geoexchange systems.

  • Focal Lens

    In 2005, the city of Northampton, Mass., got wind of a new initiative from the Washington, D.C.-based American Institute of Architects that aligned with the community’s values and direction.

  • Distinct and Demonstrative

    At first glance, the Queens Botanical Garden Visitor and Administration Center in New York and Boerne-Samuel V. Champion High School located in the Texas Hill Country near San Antonio seem to have little in common.

  • Lab Results

    As the performance of green buildings increasingly is being monitored, tracked and studied, it has become abundantly clear that the work doesn’t end at design or construction.

  • Achievements Through Teamwork

    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory was established in Berkeley, Calif., in 1931 by Ernest Orlando Lawrence, a physicist who won a Nobel Prize for his physics work.

  • Special Water Focus

    A focus on news related to water quality and conservation.

  • From The Hill

    Environmental legislation news from Capitol Hill.