Vision 2020
Green Builders Vision 2020: Why We Must Change Our Industry Now We've gathered 10 of the industry's best practitioners to outline changes we must make now to ensure we make it to 2020 and beyond. read more
Sustainability Are New Urban Developments Perpetuating an Illusion of Wealth? Auto-dependent cities are expensive to build and maintain. Charles Marohn has a different vision for America’s towns. read more
Energy Efficiency Home Performance Industry Positioned for Growth New report aims to put green remodeling on track toward longevity and profitability. read more
Green Building Learning from the Greenest Buildings in the World Jerry Yudelson discusses what we can learn from the biggest energy- and water-saving structures on the planet. read more
Water Conservation Can Your City Survive on Local Water Sources? A handful of municipalities in Southern California are aiming to reduce their use of imported... read more
Carbon Footprint Reaching the Developer-Builder for Evolutionary Change In order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, the industry must engage large-production developers and builders. read more
2030 Challenge 2030 Palette Released in Beta The free, web-based tool from Architecture 2030 emphasizes low-carbon building principles. read more
Green Building Making Safe Products Second Nature Tom Lent, Vision 2020 chair and policy director of the Healthy Building Network, helped to spark a growing interest in materials and health. read more
Codes and Standards Green Codes Press Forward, Existing Housing Yanks Back Green codes and rating systems are on target to significantly increase energy... read more


Building Design + Performance
Mary Ann Lazarus, FAIA

Founder of the sustainable design initiative at HOK; Resident Fellow for Sustainability and Design for Health at AIA.

Dennis Wedlick, AIA

Founder and Co-owner, BarlisWedlick Architects

Energy Efficiency + Building Science
Paul Torcellini

Principal Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Steven Winter, FAIA

President, Steven Winter Associates

Sustainable Communities
Ellen Dunham- Jones, AIA

Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Georgia Tech School of Architecture

Materials + Products
Blaine Brownell, AIA

Associate Professor, University of Minnesota School of Architecture

Water Efficiency
Doug Bennett

Conservation Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority

Indoor Environmental Quality
Vivian Loftness, FAIA

Professor of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University

Codes, Standards and Rating System
Maureen Guttman, AIA

President, Building Codes Assistance Project

Economics + Financing
Philip Henderson

Senior Financial Policy Specialist, Natural Resources Defense Council

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