All eyes are on the housing industry and its response to the critical challenges facing architects, builders, and product manufacturers posed by growing concerns over energy and water supplies, carbon emissions, and climate change. Every day our industry becomes more aware of the crucial role we must play in addressing these issues, and while all sectors have taken important steps towards our sustainable future, time is of the essence. We must get focused.

In 2012, EcoHome will engage with the best creative minds, explore the most insightful research, and uncover the greatest technological innovations as part of a year-long “Vision 2020” editorial initiative. The mission of the program focuses on mapping a clear path towards sustainability in residential construction between now and 2020.

Throughout the year EcoHome editors will convene the most-trusted thought leaders in sustainability and environmental building, and share their research, projects, and projections with our green building colleagues and constituencies — in print and online. And through the powerful reach of EcoHome’s website, newsletter, and social media communities, we’ll bring a broad range of perspectives from our audience into the conversation — expanding the scope of expertise, experience, and perspectives from around the industry and around the world, that will shape the Vision 2020 dialogue, and ultimately its conclusions.

We'll launch the initiative with a virtual Sustainability Summit, convening our select group of notable experts and visionaries to help set the agenda for the year and lead the development of 10 focus areas of discussion. These section leader positions, or Chairs, will include:

  • Chair of Regenerative Design
  • Chair of Land Use, Planning, and Development
  • Chair of Energy and Carbon
  • Chair of Materials and Resources
  • Chair of Water Efficiency
  • Chair of Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Chair of Products and Performance
  • Chair of Building Systems Research
  • Chair of Green Building Codes, Standards, and Rating Systems
  • Chair of Market Penetration

Then, in the fall of 2012, the Vision 2020 Chairs, EcoHome editors, and Corporate Sponsors will convene in Washington, D.C. for an exclusive forum to present and discuss the findings and recommendations for each focus area, putting the latest thinking into perspective for participants, and setting the stage for EcoHome's special issue in November 2012: Vision 2020 — The Future In Focus Today. This special issue will present the unique findings in each focus area, and lay out the roadmap and critical milestones for our industry to follow on the path to sustainability.