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  • "Raise the Base, Stretch the Top"

    Hanley Wood Sustainability Council Members Mary Ann Lazarus and Doug Bennett chat about the need to break down silos and change the way we think about our professional roles in order to create win-win teams and projects.

  • Why Sustainability Needs Experimentation And a Bit More Risk

    Hanley Wood Sustainability Council members Blaine Brownell and Dennis Wedlick explore the push-pull dynamic between product development and high-performance design, and call for more experimentation between now and 2020.

  • WWYBSS: What Would Your Building Scientist Say?

    Dennis Wedlick explains why architects need to buddy up with building scientists.

  • If You Want to Be More Effective, Make New Partnerships

    Mary Ann Lazarus talks about the new skills and education architects need going forward.

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    It is Time to be Disruptive

    To meet the 2030 Challenge and other goals, we must reboot our operating system and recognize that there is no Plan B.

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    Vision 2020: Adapt and Prosper

    The building industry is at a Darwinian crossroads. It's time to evolve.

  • We Must Change How We Operate

    Tedd Benson lays out the options for addressing climate change. Plan A: Change the way we build and do so quickly. Plan B: There is no plan B.

  • VIDEO: Adapt and Prosper

    We must adapt our design methods and products to a changing future or risk perishing, says Allison Ewing of Hays+Ewing Design Studio.

  • Open Up to Open Building

    Open Building aims to separate a home's structure, systems, and interiors to create more dynamic, long-lasting, high-performance homes. In the third webinar of our Vision 2020 series, we look at what open building is and why the U.S. could benefit from more wide-spread adoption.

  • A Label to Encourage Biobased Innovation

    Does that product come from biobased sources? A federal label could tell you.

  • Do You Know What's Really In Your Products?

    In choosing a material, you need to address not just its content, but also its embodied energy, say Allison Ewing, Vision 2020 co-chair for Building Design + Performance. A materials mapping strategy may help you do so.

  • Open Building Empowers Homeowners

    Separating a home’s structure from its infill components adds durability and flexibility, and extends a home’s lifespan and performance.

  • Integrative Design and the Laws of Attraction

    Vision 2020 chair Allison Ewing on the softer side of performance and the need to step away from additive design.

  • Sustainability Equals Livability, Beauty, Affordability

    Vision 2020 chair Tedd Benson of Bensonwood Homes says delivering homes built on the Vitruvian imperative at scale is key to making a difference.

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    Regenerative Housing by 2020

    Regenerative Design chair Bob Berkebile looks at how new directions in design are taking their cues from the past and leading us toward nurturing buildings, homes, and communities connected with nature.

  • Mitchell Joachim Envisions Home Building Evolution

    The futurist-architect talks about the emerging theories and science of ecological design.

  • Allison Ewing

    Allison Ewing: Think Like a Lizard

    The acclaimed architect eyes opportunities to incorporate biomimicry in her sustainable building designs.

  • The 108-year-old Bancroft Elementary and its grounds in Kansas City, Mo., will be transformed into 50 affordable rental apartments supported by a wide range of on-site community services.

    Turning Blight into Bright

    Regenerative design is applied to a community scale at Manheim Park in Kansas City, serving as a model for next-generation urban neighborhood renewal and revitalization.

  • Bill Browning on Biophilia

    The co-founder of Terrapin Bright Green is on a mission to bring nature back into building design as an economic necessity.

  • The Mirai Nihon Project near Tokyo is a resource-sovereign house developed in response to last year's devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

    Inspiring Ideas

    A new “urban” hotel and self-sufficient single-family home demonstrate how buildings can get off the grid using market-ready solutions.

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