Latest Building Design + Performance Articles

  • Bill Browning on Biophilia

    The co-founder of Terrapin Bright Green is on a mission to bring nature back into building design as an economic necessity.

  • The Mirai Nihon Project near Tokyo is a resource-sovereign house developed in response to last year's devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

    Inspiring Ideas

    A new “urban” hotel and self-sufficient single-family home demonstrate how buildings can get off the grid using market-ready solutions.

  • Game-Changing Behavior

    A card game helped change energy and resource use habits among employees at Miron Construction at home and at work.

  • Time Is Running Out

    Founders and members of The Regeneration Project make the case that time is the scarcest resource.

  • A New Kind of Trend Story

    Designer Marianne Cusato charts a different course when it comes to real estate trends.

  • State of the World 2012

    A new book takes the latest stab at instilling urgency about global environmental stewardship, including a chapter on improving sustainable building practices.

  • Educating the 21st Century Construction Manager

    NewSchool of Architecture and Design’s Thomas-Mobley talks about how construction management plays a key role in delivering on the promise of sustainability.

  • Resiliency to the Rescue

    Making homes resistant to natural disasters and sustainable in their aftermath goes hand-in-hand with environmental goals.

  • Regenerating Community

    A necessary design element creates unintended but critical benefits.

  • A Dialogue of Discovery

    Bob Berkebile has seen the impact of climate change firsthand. In Tuscaloosa, Ala.; New Orleans; Greensburg, Kan.; and Springfield, Mass., among 10 cities severely damaged and in some cases all but wiped off the map by recent natural disasters.

  • The Growth of Green BIM

    The use of Building Information Modeling software is on the rise as an essential environmental design tool.

  • Biomimicry: Your Next Green Standard

    Design that celebrates and embraces its natural surroundings feeds a human instinct and delivers a better living environment.