Known mostly for her small, affordable, resource-efficient, and well-built Katrina Cottage and New Economy Home projects following both an actual and an economic hurricane, respectively, residential designer and author Marianne Cusato took a decidedly (if not surprisingly) different tact in a recent article in The Huffington Post about real estate trends.

Unlike the vast majority of such stories that spout the latest colors, conveniences, and other fads and fashions for housing, Cusato’s contribution is far more about substance than style. “A new era of ‘must-haves’ are emerging in the world of real estate and home design,” she writes in the lead-in to her Post article earlier this month. “Value comes from a holistic view of home based on livability and a connection to a greater community.”

This quick read is well worth the click-through and reinforces the concepts of resiliency, regenerative design, and a sincere vision for housing’s future. Take a look at 5 Must Know Real Estate Trends.