Cost is always a factor when it comes to codes. Builders have been debating the relative cost and benefits to the consumer of rising standards since codes first went into effect. With the added push of volunteer rating systems, and the urgency of improving energy efficiency, the move toward higher construction standards and potentially higher costs continues to concern the industry. On June 6, Alliance Radio, an outreach medium of the Best Practices Research Alliance, posted a podcast entitled “2012 IECC: Is Upgrading Really Worth It to Homebuilders and Buyers?”

The brief podcast features a discussion between two researchers from the Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP) group that studied the cost/benefits of 2012 IECC in five distinct markets. Mike DeWein, BCAP’s technical director, and John Miller, senior research associate behind the study, shared their perspectives, answering a series of questions posed by Betsy Scott of IBACOS. The researchers also posted two-page snapshots of their findings by research location.

To find the in-depth technical documents, enter the phrase “2012 IECC Incremental Cost Memo” into the search engine at the right of the Online Code Environment & Advocacy Network’s website.

Founded by Michael Dickens, chair of Building Systems Research here at EcoHome’s Vision 2020 initiative to map a path toward sustainability in residential construction, the Best Practices Research Alliance is an IBACOS affiliated research and consulting organization focused on home quality and performance. Members include production home builders of all sizes throughout the U.S., who share their experiences, insights, and ideas about delivering high-performance homes and help guide research efforts, some of which are sponsored by U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America program; building performance specialists and business and quality management experts, who share their knowledge and insights; and industry suppliers, who provide expertise in technical areas and support some research efforts and communications.

The podcast is also available through iTunes.