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  • Economics + Financing

    How smart meters could make smarter buildings.

  • Get in Early and Tap Into Emotions

    Hanley Wood Sustainability Council members Philip Henderson and Paul Torcellini discuss how to change the conversation around energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

  • Are We At a Pivotal Point in Energy Efficiency Financing?

    The NRDC's Philip Henderson talks about the challenges and developments in sustainable building valuation and financing.

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    Vision 2020: A Sustainable Future Requires Key Financial Building Blocks

    We need to build a broad financial platform for the rapid adoption of energy efficiency and other green home attributes.

  • VIDEO: Will Green Become the New Granite by 2020?

    High-performance housing stands to gain ground if a number of financing and valuation tools are put in place to better recognize efficiency efforts, says Robert Sahadi of the Institute for Market Transformations

  • Tools to Get a Better Mortgage or Appraisal

    In the second of a series of webinars under our Vision 2020 program, we take a look at key obstacles and opportunities, such as the SAVE Act and green appraisal tools, in financing for high-performance homes.

  • SAVE Act Reintroduced in Congress

    Two U.S. senators aim to improve access to mortgage financing for energy efficiency by reintroducing the Sensible Accounting to Value Energy Act as an amendment to the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2013.

  • Energy-Related Mortgage Innovations To Come Within a Year?

    Three recent studies address energy efficiency and home ownership bode well for significant changes to the way buyers finance home purchases.

  • Think Long-Term for Lasting Change

    Vision 2020 chair Robert Sahadi explains how we’re in a paradigm shift regarding energy efficiency and how long-term strategies will move the market toward full valuation of these efforts.

  • Transforming Real Estate

    Documentation is the key to creating value in the existing housing stock.

  • Education, Collaboration, and Innovation

    DuPont’s Laura Dwyer shares her three critical ingredients for building a more sustainable future.

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    A Virtuous Cycle

    Market Transformation chair Cliff Majersik says the drive to broader markets will be fueled by increased code compliance and the transformation of appraisal and finance processes.

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    Lost in Translation

    A growing number of nonprofit messaging and marketing organizations focus on delivering the message of energy efficiency and climate change to the Hispanic population.

  • Steven Winter

    An Attainable Goal

    Steven Winter shares his wisdom on how we can get to net zero and beyond.

  • Study Touts the Value of Green Labels

    New California research shows third-party labeled homes sell for more.

  • Where Will We Be By 2050?

    New analysis provides a glimpse into three future energy scenarios based on the ambitions of today's policy decisions.

  • Jacob Atalla, senior director of sustainability initiatives, KB Home.

    Market View: Jacob Atalla of KB Home

    As an early leader in net-zero production homes, KB Home is paving the way toward affordable–even cost-neutral–high-performance features.

  • The Economics of Sustainability

    Video explores economic shifts required to change course toward sustainability.

  • Financing for Multifamily Retrofits

    Living Cities, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation study demonstrates energy and financial savings from multifamily project upgrades in New York.

  • ACEEE: The Savings Potential of Standards

    New study says updates to national efficiency standards can provide substantial financial and environmental benefits.