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Market View: C.R. Herro of Meritage Homes
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Market View: C.R. Herro of Meritage Homes

As vice president of energy efficiency and sustainability at Top 10 production... More

Market Acceptance of High-Performance Homes
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Market Acceptance of High-Performance Homes

DOE Building Technologies Program chief architect Sam Rashkin reflects on his... More

Message To The Market
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Message To The Market

As vice president for Residential Market Development for the USGBC’s LEED for... More

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Code Compliance

IMT estimates that every dollar spent on energy code compliance and enforcement yields $6 in energy savings. More

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SAVE Act Addresses Green Finance and Appraisals

Analysis shows that legislation could increase market transformation by 2% in 2013 and create 25% sustained levels by 2020. More

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Destination Mainstream

Here’s the good news: 37% of all new homes sold in 2010 were HERS rated--a substantial jump from a mere 12.2% in 2008. Of course, there are a lot fewer homes being built these days, but as Cliff Majersik at the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) points out, the figures still represent a “win” for green builders. More



Building Design + Performance
Mary Ann Lazarus, FAIA

Founder of the sustainable design initiative at HOK; Resident Fellow for Sustainability and Design for Health at AIA.

Dennis Wedlick, AIA

Founder and Co-owner, BarlisWedlick Architects

Energy Efficiency + Building Science
Paul Torcellini

Principal Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Steven Winter, FAIA

President, Steven Winter Associates

Sustainable Communities
Ellen Dunham- Jones, AIA

Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Georgia Tech School of Architecture

Materials + Products
Blaine Brownell, AIA

Associate Professor, University of Minnesota School of Architecture

Water Efficiency
Doug Bennett

Conservation Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority

Indoor Environmental Quality
Vivian Loftness, FAIA

Professor of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University

Codes, Standards and Rating System
Maureen Guttman, AIA

President, Building Codes Assistance Project

Economics + Financing
Philip Henderson

Senior Financial Policy Specialist, Natural Resources Defense Council

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