Latest Energy Efficiency + Building Science Articles

  • Manny Barrera

    The Nation's First Smart Grid

    Manny Barrera oversees the nation's first real-world application of a smart grid at Mesa del Sol in Albuquerque, foreshadowing and refining how it will change energy distribution.

  • Don Ferrier: Model Builder

    The Fort Worth-area builder has made a career out of building green and relies on energy modeling to help push the envelope of housing performance.

  • Pliny Fisk Leads the Charge to Better-Performing Buildings

    Today's environmental product declarations have their roots in Pliny Fisk's forward-thinking approach.

  • London's Murray Grove multifamily complex

    A Vision for Prefab

    Applying architecture to production-level net-zero-energy prefab building modules may help revive the industry.

  • Will Passive or Mechanical Technologies Prevail?

    Proponents of mechanical technologies and passive solutions to comfort and performance spar in a session at the 20th Congress for the New Urbanism.

  • The Whangapoua Sled House

    Self-Sufficient Kit Homes Offer Multiple Benefits

    New technologies and delivery systems may hold the key to finding a global foothold for factory-built housing.

  • Image

    Solar Gains and Forecast

    Total domestic PV capacity is on an exponential trajectory through 2016.

  • Supply Chain Carbon Reporting: The Next Frontier

    In addition to its own efforts to accelerate green building adoption and reduce its carbon footprint, Webcor Builders is looking downstream at its suppliers to follow suit.

  • Utilities Try Time-of-Day Rates to Curb Costs … and Use?

    Offering rate options benefits the grid and the customer.

  • PV Sales Dip; Comeback in 2013?

    A leading solar market research firm predicts PV growth through 2016.

  • NASA Comes Down to Earth

    NASA unveils Sustainability Base, the first space station on Earth, with sustainability lessons for all types of future building.

  • Fossil Fuel at What Price?

    Domestic oil and natural gas production is up and demand for gasoline is down, but at what cost are we gaining energy 'independence'?

  • Next-Gen Cogeneration

    Advancements in micro combined heat and power move the needle toward energy independence.

  • Waste Heat Revolution?

    Until we can wean ourselves of coal-fired electricity, at least maybe the plants that produce it can aid in that effort.

  • Pushing Panelization

    A high-performance builder takes wall panels to the next level.

  • Simulating Occupancy

    A combination of appliances and NREL data approximate a homeowner presence in the IBACOS Lab Home.

  • Cost-Efficient GSHP?

    The IBACOS Lab Home is testing the efficiency (and viability) of an underslab loop that could make geothermal affordable.

  • Wind Power Makes Progress

    Since 2002, the number of small residential wind turbines has increased more than 10 times, and there's still plenty of opportunity.

  • Carbon Reporting to Get a Boost

    Service providers are delivering a higher level of detail to enable companies to analyze and prioritize their carbon footprint and that of their supply chain.

  • Research, Apply, and Refine

    Michael Dickens is a realist. It took a while, but after charging into the building realm a quarter century ago with innovative ideas borne from his European heritage and early career in the auto industry, Dickens soon came to understand one immutable truth about the American home building...

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