Latest Energy Efficiency + Building Science Articles

  • Cost-Efficient GSHP?

    The IBACOS Lab Home is testing the efficiency (and viability) of an underslab loop that could make geothermal affordable.

  • Wind Power Makes Progress

    Since 2002, the number of small residential wind turbines has increased more than 10 times, and there's still plenty of opportunity.

  • Carbon Reporting to Get a Boost

    Service providers are delivering a higher level of detail to enable companies to analyze and prioritize their carbon footprint and that of their supply chain.

  • Research, Apply, and Refine

    Michael Dickens is a realist. It took a while, but after charging into the building realm a quarter century ago with innovative ideas borne from his European heritage and early career in the auto industry, Dickens soon came to understand one immutable truth about the American home building...

  • InterfaceFlor Commits to 2030 Challenge

    The late Ray Anderson’s pioneering company is the first product manufacturer to commit to the 2030 Challenge for Products and its carbon-reduction goals.

  • Carbon Footprints Mark 2030 Progress

    InterfaceFlor is the first manufacturer to commit to the 2030 Challenge for Products’ carbon-reduction goals.

  • Fossil Fuels Still Heavily Subsidized

    Fuel industry subsidies topped $409 billion in 2010 and create the illusion of affordability.

  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

    The ISO standard is emerging as the best independent measure of a product’s environmental attributes including life-cycle assessment (LCA) and embodied energy.

  • Resistance is Good

    You know those TV ads that promote “clean” coal, “responsible” natural gas fracking, and “sustainable” oil drilling in the Arctic? Edward Mazria loves those ads.

  • The 2030 Challenge’s Energy Reduction Targets Are Within Reach

    Architecture 2030 says new U.S. Energy Information Administration forecast projects building energy use by 2030 will have dropped nearly 70% from 2005 due to improved building design and efficiency.